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Velis Evo - UK Manual

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LEGIONELLA BACTERIA FUNCTION Legionella are small rod shaped bacteria which are a natural constituent of all fresh waters. Legionaries’ disease is a pneumonia infection caused by inhaling of Legionella species. Long periods of water stagnation should be avoided; it means the water heater should be used or fl ushed at least weekly. The European standard CEN/TR 16355 gives recommendations for good practice concerning the prevention of Legionella growth in drinking water installations but existing national regulations remain in force. This electronic storage water heater is sold with a thermal disinfection cycle function enabled by default. Every time the product is switched on and every 30 days, the thermal disinfection cycle runs to heat the water heater up to 60°C. Warning: when this software has been carrying out the thermal disinfection treatment, water temperature can cause burns. Feel water before bathing or showering. DESCRIPTION OF WATER HEATER 2 1. Hot water outlet (1/2 male BSP) 2. Temperature and pressure relief valve 3. Cold water inlet (1/2 male BSP) 4. Regulation keyboard 1 3 4 4 / EN

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS For the technical specifi cations, refer to the nameplate (the nameplate is located next to the water intake/outlet pipes). TABLE 1 - PRODUCT INFORMATION Product range VLS EVO 45 VLS EVO 80 VLS EVO 45 WiFi 5 / EN VLS EVO 80 WiFi Weight when empty kg 21 32 21 32 Weight when full kg 66 112 66 112 Installation Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical Model Refer to the nameplate SMART X X X X Q elec kWh 6,79 7,125 6,79 7,125 Q elec , week, smart kWh 25,467 27,141 25,467 27,141 Q elec , week, kWh 28,758 32,041 28,758 32,041 Load profi le M M M M L wa dB 15 η wh 39,1% 39,0% 39,1% 39,0% V40 L 77 115 77 115 Heat loss kWh/day 0,964 1,317 0,964 1,317 Heat up times [15-60°C] minutes 60 112 29 56 Maximum inlet pressure [rated pressure] bar 12 Maximum design pressure bar 6 Set operating pressure expansion valve bar 6 Pre-charge pressure of the expansion vessel bar 3,5 Set opening T&P relief valve bar 7 Capacity L 45 80 45 80 The power consumption data in the table and the other information given in the Product Data Sheet (Enclosure A to this manual) are defi ned in relation to EU Directives 812/2013 and 814/2013. The products without the label and the data sheet for water heaters and solar devices, stipulated in regulation 812/2013, are not intended to be used in such assemblies. The device is equipped with a smart function that allows you to adapt the consumption to the user profi les. If operated correctly, the device has a daily consumption of “Qelec (Q elec, week, smart /Q elec, week ) less than that of an equivalent product with no smart function”. This appliance is conforming with the international electrical safety standards IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60335-2-21. The CE marking of the appliances attests its conformity to the following EC Directives, of which it satisfies the essential requisites: - LVD Low Voltage Directive: EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-21, EN 60529, EN 62233, EN 50106. - EMC Electro-Magnetic Compatibility: EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3. - RoHS2 Risk of Hazardous Substances: EN 50581. - ErP Energy related Products: EN 50440. - EN 12897:2016 This product is in conformity with REACH regulations.