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Velis Evo - UK Manual

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USEFUL INFORMATION If the water comes out cold, have the following checked - The presence of voltage on the power terminal block (m fi g. 7 And 8); - The circuit board; - The heating parts of the heating element; - Inspect the bypass pipe (x fi g. 7 And 8); - The sensor holder rods (k fi g. 7 And 8). If the water comes out boiling hot (steam in the taps) Disconnect the appliance from the electricity supply and have the following checked: - The circuit board; - The amount of scale on the boiler and components; - The sensor holder rods (k fi g. 7 And 8). If the hot water delivery is insufficient: Have the following checked: - The pressure of the water mains; - The condition of the defl ector on the cold water intake pipe; - The condition of the hot water pipe; - The electrical components. Water trickling from the pressure safety device During the heating phase, some water may trickle from the tap. This is normal. To prevent the water trickling, a suitable expansion vessel must be installed on the fl ow system. If the trickling continues even after the heating phase, have the following checked: - Device calibration; - The pressure of the water mains. Caution: Never obstruct the appliance outlet! IF THE PROBLEM PERSISTS,NEVER ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE APPLIANCE YOURSELF - ALWAYS HAVE THIS DONE BY A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN. The indicated data and specifications are not binding; the manufacturer reserves the right to modify them at his own discretion notification or replacement. This product conforms to Directive WEEE 2012/19/EU. The symbol of the crossed waste paper basket on the appliance and its packaging indicates that the product must be scrapped separately from other waste at the end of its service life. The user must therefore hand the equipment over to a sorted waste disposal facility for electro-technical and electronic equipment at the end of its service life. Alternatively, he may return the equipment to the retailer at the time of purchase of a new equivalent type of appliance. Electronic equipment of size less than 25 cm can be handed over to any electronics equipment retailer whose sales area is at least 400 m 2 for disposal free of charge and without any obligation to purchase new product. 18 / EN

Installation scheme About 70 506 275 A 306 B 168 Model A B 408 142 1 3 SUGGESTED FOR 80L MODEL 203 G 1/2” VELIS 45 776 405 VELIS 80 1251 880 19 / EN