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NUOS Plus - User Manual

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Heat pump water heater -

Heat pump water heater - OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER 8.4 Routine maintenance performed by users It is advisable to rinse out the appliance after each routine or extraordinary maintenance intervention. The pressure safety device must be operated regularly to verify that it is not clogged and to remove any limescale deposits. Check that the condensate drainage pipe is not obstructed. Check the perfect cleaning of grids and ducts. In case of using, the batteries must be replaced every year or in case of losses. Make sure that they are correctly disposed of and exclusively replace them with 4 NiMh, AA,-type, rechargeable batteries, minimum 2100 mAh, rminimun 1000 recharge cycles, minimum working temperature of 65°C (it is recommend use batteries supplied from the manufacturer's catalogue) observe the polarities as illustrated in the battery housing. The appliance should be unplugged when you remove the batteries. 8.5 Removing & replacing electric heater element In the event of the electric heater failing or to replace its anode, the electric heater has to be removed from the Nuos Plus. Only replace with Ariston spare parts. CAUTION: Removing flange screws (E) will release the stored water. Removal procedure fro inspection Refer to picture above 1. Isolate mains electrical supply to the product by switching off and removing fuse. 2. Unscrew 4 screws (A)and remove cover (B). 3. Disconnect wires and withdraw heating element (C). 4. Replace element and refit, ensure wires are connected correctly. To descale flange (F) or to replace the magnesium anode the flange (F) has to be removed by removing 6 bolts €, this necessitates draining the cylinder – see 8.1. 8.6 Internal Cylinder Inspection To inspect the inside of the cylinder remove flange (F) by undoing 6 bolts (E), this necessitates draining the cylinder – see 8.1 8.7 Water heater disposal The appliance contains R134a-type refrigerant gas which must not be released into the atmosphere. In case of permanent decommissioning of the water heater, ensure that disposal procedures are carried out by qualified personnel only. This product conforms to Directive WEEE 2012/19/EU. The barred bin symbol on the appliance and its packaging indicates that the product must be scrapped separately from other waste at the end of its service life. The user must therefore hand the equipment over to a sorted waste disposal facility for electro-technical and electronic equipment at the end of its service life. Alternatively, the equipment may be returned to the retailer at the time of purchase of a new equivalent type of appliance. Electronic equipment of size less than 25 cm can be handed over to any electronics equipment retailer whose sales area is at least 400 m 2 for disposal free of charge and without any obligation to purchase new product. Sorted waste collection for recycling, treatment and environmentally compatible scrapping contributes to the prevention of damage to the environment and promotes reuse/recycling. For more detailed information on the collection systems available, contact the local waste disposal service or the shop where the product was purchased. The appliance is not provided with rechargeable batteries, but if you use them they must be removed and put into a specific container before disposing of the appliance. The batteries seat is behind the front frame. 29

ACCESSORIES Fdfd Ø150 Ø200 Pa mequivalent Pa mequivalent 1m PVC 9 1 3 1 1m Al 17 1,9 5 1,7 Pa MAX: 110 Grille (A) 18 2 10 3,3 90° PVC 27 3 9 3 90° Al 19 2,1 10 3,3 (A) Dedicated grid. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF GUARANTEE The Ariston External Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater is guaranteed for 5 Years (Tank) and 2 Years (electrical components). Please read these terms and conditions which are in addition to any terms and conditions detailed in this book or any registration card supplied with your appliance. Ariston External Air Source Heat Pumps must be installed and commissioned by an accredited and approved installer in compliance with building regulations. Failure to comply with this will invalidate the warranty. A charge will be made to the owner of the appliance if: 1. The reason for any service visit is as a direct result of a failure to install the appliance in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. 2. Your installer does not complete the necessary commissioning and safety checks. 3. Your appliance is not serviced on or before the 12 month anniversary of installation. 4. Our service engineer calls as required and the failure is a non-manufacturing defect. Failure to pay an invoice for any such occurrence will be assumed by Ariston Thermo Group that you accept your appliance has not been installed correctly and understand that any manufacturers guarantee has been withdrawn. On the 12 month anniversary of the appliance installation, you must have it serviced to continue any guarantee offered into the following year. Failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee and should an Ariston Thermo Group engineer be required to attend and no proof of service documentation is made available, then Ariston Thermo Group will charge. If you have a problem with commissioning on installation, please contact our Technical Department on 0333 240 7777. 30


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