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NUOS Plus - User Manual

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Heat pump water heater -

Heat pump water heater - OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER will switch back to the previous mode. In the event of an electric connection with a day/night contactor or with HC-HP signal, the number of nights of absence must be specified, taking into account that the product only operates during the night. If, for example, you leave home on Saturday morning and return on Sunday of the following week, on Saturday morning you should set the device to 8 days of absence in order to have hot water ready for your return on Sunday. • PROGRAM (P4 can be enabled on the installer's menu): two programs are available, P1 and P2, that can be enabled individually or combined together throughout the day (P1+P2). The appliance can enable the heating phase to reach the chosen temperature at the pre-set hour, giving priority to the heating with the heat pump and, only if necessary, with the integration according to the following combinations: For P8=0 the integration is enabled only when the conditions are outside the heat pump's operating range. For P8=1 and 3 the integration is enabled simultaneously with the heat pump when requested. For P8=2 the integration is never enabled. The integration is always enabled in case of anti-Legionella and antifreeze. Press “mode” to select the desired Program mode (P1/P2/P1+P2), turn the knob to set the desired temperature, press the knob to confirm, turn the knob to set the desired time and press to confirm; in P1+P2 mode the information for both of the programs can be set. For electrical connection with HC/HP signal dual power supply you can program heating of the water at any time of the day. This function requires you to set the current time, see following paragraph. Warning: to ensure comfort for operation in P1+P2 mode with times that are very close together, it is possible that the water temperature is higher than the temperature set. Factory settings TEMPERATURA IMPOSTATA PROGRAMMA P1 55°C ORARIO IMPOSTATO PROGRAMMA P1 06:00 TEMPERATURA IMPOSTATA PROGRAMMA P2 55°C ORARIO IMPOSTATO PROGRAMMA P2 18:00 7.5 Time setting Setting the time is required if the PROGRAM mode is enabled. Once it is enabled, turn the knob to the current time and press to confirm. It can also be set with the L0 parameter by selecting it and setting the current time by turning the knob (the P4 function must be ON). 7.6 Information menu The information menu allows for visualising data for monitoring the product. To enter the menu, press the relative knob and hold for 5 seconds. Turn the knob to select the parameters L0, L2, L3 … L27 Upon reaching the desired parameter, press the knob to visualise its value. Press the knob or “MODE” button to return to the parameter selection area once again. To exit the information menu, press the “mode” button (the appliance will ensure that the menu is automatically exited after the latter has been idle for 10 minutes). Parameter Name Parameter description L0 TIME Time of the day (visible only if P4 is ON) L1 SW MB Mainboard Software Version L2 SW HMI Display Software Version L3 ENERGY Energy consumption in kWh (*) (**) L4 ANTI_B Displays whether the anti-Legionella function is enabled L6 HE_SET Displays the HE_SET status L7 SILENT Displays whether the silent function is enabled L8 PV MODE Displays which PV function is enabled L9 SG MODE Displays whether the SG function is enabled L10 T W PV Displays the temperature to be reached with the PV function L11 T_A_HP Air temperature below which the heat pump does not work L12 T W HP Temperature that will be reached with only the heat pump L13 T W 1 Heating element unit sensor 1 temperature detected L14 T W 2 Heating element unit sensor 2 temperature detected L15 T W 3 Intermediate sensor temperature detected L16 T W 4 Dome sensor temperature detected 23

Heat pump water heater - OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER L17 T AIR Environmental air sensor temperature detected L18 T EVAP Evaporator sensor temperature detected L19 T ASP Displays the intake temperature L20 P ASP Displays the intake pressure L21 T SH Overheating temperature L22 HP HYST Compressor hysteresis temperature L23 HP h Heat pump operating times (**) L24 HE h Heating element operating times (**) L25 HP ON Number of compressor start-up cycles (**) L26 TIME_W Number of accepted power supply times L27 T AB Displays the anti-Legionella set-point temperature * The values shown may differ from actual values based on mains power supply voltage and frequency. ** The values are updated either every 24 hours or when switching to battery operation or when an error occurs. 7.7 Installer menu CAUTION: THE FOLLOWING PARAMETERS MUST BE ADJUSTED BY QUALIFIED PERSONNEL. Some product settings can be modified on the installer's menu. The key symbol is displayed. To enter the menu, keep the knob pressed for 5 seconds then scroll the parameters of the “L – INFO” menu until reaching "P0 CODE". After entering the code (illustrated in the table that follows), turn the knob to select the parameters P0, P2, P3 … P20. Upon reaching the parameter to be modified, press the knob to visualise the parameter’s value then turn the knob to set the desired value. To return to the parameter selection area, press the knob to store the entered parameter or press "mode" (or wait 10 seconds) to exit without storing the entered value. To exit the installer menu, press the “mode” button (the appliance will ensure that the menu is automatically exited after the latter has been idle for 10 minutes). Parameter Name Parameter description Range Min Max Factory settings Code entering to access the installer menu. The number 222 appears P0 CODE on the display: turn the knob until reaching number 234 then press the 0 299 222 knob. It will then be possible to access the installer menu. P1 RESET Re-set the factory parameters. 0 1 OFF P2 ANTI_B Anti-Legionella protection. OFF ON OFF P3 VOYAGE See chap. 7.4. OFF ON OFF P4 PROG See chap. 7.4. OFF ON OFF P6 SILENT Set silent mode. OFF ON OFF P8 HE_SET Manage the operating modes. 0 3 0 P9 PV MODE Modify the operating modes based on the presence of the PV signal. 0 3 0 P10 T W PV It is the desired temperature when PV is in production. 55 75 62 Adjustment of the minimum temperature reachable. A value set lower P12 T MIN allows you more operating economy if you have economical hot water 40 50 50 consumption. P13 T_HP It is the achievable temperature with only the heat pump. 51 55 55 P14 TIME_W Number of accepted power supply times. 5 24 8 P15 HP HYST Compressor hysteresis temperature. 4 15 8 P16 T_A_HP Air temperature below which the compressor does not work. -7 20 -7 P17 TANK_LT Product capacity (do not modify). - - - P18 SG MODE Operation with SG signal. 0 1 0 P19 ERRORS Faults history (read-only value). - - - P20 T AB Anti-Legionella set-point temperature 60 75 60 P2 parameter – Anti legionnaire’s disease protection If enabled, the water heater automatically performs the anti-Legionella protection function. The water temperature must remain higher or equal to 55°C all day or higher or equal to 60°C for at least 1 hour. These temperatures can cause burns, so we recommend you use a thermostatic mixer. The anti- Legionella function is enabled via this parameter; the temperature to be reached is settable via the P20 parameter and the hysteresis via the P15 parameter. Suggesting to set the P20 parameter at 60°C and the P15 parameter at 4°C. During the cycle of antilegionella will be displayed “ANTI_B” alternately to the mode of operation, once the cycle is done the set temperature remains the original one. In the event that is enabled the two-tier rate signal HC-HP, the function will take place during the economic tariff. To stop press "on/off". 24


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