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NUOS Plus - User Manual

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Dear Customer, We wish

Dear Customer, We wish to thank you for having purchased the heat pump water heater. We hope that it meets your expectations and may offer you optimal service coupled with maximum energy saving for many years to come. Our group invests a lot of time, energy and economic resources in creating innovative solutions aimed at reducing the energy consumption of its products. Your choice shows sensibility and awareness towards reducing energy consumption, an issue directly related to environmental protection. Our constant commitment to creating innovative and efficient products coupled with your responsible behaviour in the rational use of energy both actively contribute to safeguarding the environment and natural resources. Store this manual with care; it is intended to provide information, warnings and suggestions on the correct use and maintenance of the appliance, so that you may fully appreciate all its qualities. Our technical assistance centre closest to you is at your complete disposal for answering any of your queries. INTRODUCTION This manual is intended for final users of the heat pump water heater and plumbers responsible for the latter installation. Failure to observe the indications contained in this manual shall void the warranty. This manual is an integral and essential part of the appliance. It must be stored with care by the user and should always be passed on to new owners or users of the appliance, and/or when the latter is transferred to another system. In order to ensure correct and safe use of the appliance, both installer and user, each for his/her respective requirements, must read the instructions and precautions contained in this manual carefully, as they provide important safety indications concerning installation, use and maintenance of the appliance. This manual is divided into four distinct sections: - SAFETY WARNINGS This section contains the safety precautions to be observed. - GENERAL INFORMATION This section contains useful general information relating to the description of the appliance and its technical features, besides information on the symbols, units of measurement and technical terms used. This section includes the water heater’s technical data and dimensions. - TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR INSTALLERS This section is intended for installers. It contains all the indications and instructions that professionally qualified personnel must observe in order to ensure optimal installation of the appliance. - OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER This section is intended for final users and contains all the information necessary for operating the appliance correctly and for assisting the user in carrying out regular checks and maintenance operations on the appliance. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the data and contents of this manual without prior notice, with the aim of improving the quality of the relative products. To facilitate understanding of the contents herein, given that the manual is published in multiple languages and is valid for use in several countries, all the illustrations are grouped in the final pages and are common to the various languages.

SAFETY WARNINGS GENERAL INFORMATION 1. GENERAL INFORMATION 1.1 Description of the symbols used 1.2 Field of application 1.3 Instructions and technical norms 1.4 Product certifications 1.5 Packaging and supplied accessories 1.6 Transport and handling 1.7 Identification of the appliance 2. TECHNICAL FEATURES 2.1 Operating principle 2.2 Construction features 2.3 Overall dimensions 2.4 Electrical diagram 2.5 Technical data table TECHNICAL INFORMATION FOR INSTALLERS 3. WARNINGS 3.1 Installer qualification 3.2 Implementing the instructions 3.3 Safety regulations 4. INSTALLATION 4.1 Location of the appliance 4.2 Positioning on the ground 4.3 Air supply connections 4.4 Hydraulic connections 4.5 Electrical connections 5. INITIAL START UP OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER 6. WARNINGS 6.1 Initial start-up 6.2 Recommendations 6.3 Safety regulations 6.4 Recommendations for prevention of Legionella growth 7. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE 7.1 Control panel description 7.2 Turning the water heater on/off 7.3 Setting the temperature 7.4 Mode of operation 7.5 Time setting 7.6 Information menu 7.7 Installer menu 7.8 Antifreeze function 7.9 Defrost 7.10 Number of showe available 7.11 Errors diagnostics 8. MAINTENANCE 8.1 Draining the appliance 8.2 Routine maintenance 8.3 Troubleshooting 8.4 Routine maintenance performed by users 8.5 Removing & replacing electric heater element 8.6 Internal Cylinder Inspection 8.7 Water heater disposal ILLUSTRATIONS TABLE OF CONTENTS


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