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Next Evo X - UK Manual


USER’S MANUAL Ignition procedure - ensure that the valve located on the cold water fitting is open - ensure that the gas valve is open - ensure that the device is powered by electric current. Press ON/OFF button “4”, the display will light up. The device is ready to operate The set temperature is indicated on the display. By opening the hot water valve, the device automatically starts operating. The display shows the set temperature and the flame indicates the burner ignition. WARNING!! Water with a temperature higher than 50° can cause serious burns. Always verify water temperature before use. T range ECO mode To activate the ECO mode press the button 3. To increase or decrease the temperature press the button 2 or . When the ECO mode is activated the symbol dislpay. D T setting 35-48° C 1° C 48-50° C 2° C Push Push appear on the button 50-55° C 5° C Push “+” button button for 5 sec 55-60° C 5° C Switch OFF the machine and 60-65° C 5° C then push 5 sec Push button button for Child lock function It’s necessary switch OFF the appliance to reset the temperature range. Afterwards the temperature range will revert back to 35-48° C. To exit from ECO mode is necessary to push the button 3 when the appliance is in stand-by mode. Note: If the device does not operate, ensure that the gas and/or cold water valves are open. Ensure that the device is electrically powered. When closing the valve, the device automatically switches off and the flame symbol disappears from the display. Switching off procedure Press the ON/OFF button, to switch off the appliance. To switch off the completely, turn the outer electric switch in the off position. Close the gas valve. Water temperature adjustment Press or to set the hot water temperature. The new value will be indicated on the display ECO It’s possible to increase the temperature up to 65 °C To set the water temperature from 35 to 48 °C press the + button repeatedly. Pressing and releasing will trigger a rise of 1 degree Celsius. From 48 to 65 °C see the table. 6 /

USER’S MANUAL Appliance shut-off conditions The appliance is protected from malfunctions by means of internal checks performed by the electronic P.C.B., which stops the appliance from operating if necessary. In case of shut-off a code appear on the display – see table below. To restore the system, turn the unit off and back on again. Error table Error code Description After pressing the ON / OFF button, the display turns off A1 No flame detected Ignition fault - Check that the unit is electrically powered. - Check that the gas cock is open - Press the ON / OFF button. IF THE APPLIANCE WON’T START AGAIN OR STOPS REPEATEDLY, ONCE YOU’VE CARRIED OUT THE RELEVANT CHECKS, CLOSE THE GAS VALVE, TURN THE OUTER ELECTRIC SWITCH IN THE OFF POSITION AND CONTACT A QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN. SHOULD THE ERROR NOT BE ELIMINATED, DO NOT ACTIVATE THE APPLIANCE. Disposal and recycling of the unit. Our products are designed and manufactured for most of the components to be made of recyclable material. The unit and its accessories have to be adequately disposed of and the various materials differentiated, where possible. The packaging used for the transport of the unit must be disposed of by the installer / dealer. ATTENTION!! Recycling and disposal of the unit and the accessories must be made as required by regulations. Change of gas type Our instantaneous water heaters are designed to function either with Natural Gas (methane) or LPG gas. If you need to change from one gas to the other, one of our Authorised Service Centres must be contacted to convert the appliance. Maintenance Schedule an annual maintenance check-up for the appliance with a qualified person. Correct maintenance always results in savings in the cost of running the system. Failure to arrange an annual service for the appliance will invalidate the second year of the manufacturers warranty. Anti-freeze protection Should the appliance be installed where pipes are subjected to freezing, it is recommended to empty it. Proceed as indicated below: - Turn the outer electrical switch to the OFF position - Close the gas stopcock - Close the cold water inlet valve - Open the DHW valves until both the device and pipes are completely emptied. To fill the device again, open the cold water inlet valve together with DHW valves until the water exits. / 7