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Next Evo X - UK Manual


APPLIANCE PROTECTION DEVICES Appliance shut-off conditions The appliance is protected from malfunctions by means of internal checks performed by the electronic P.C.B., which stops the appliance from operating if necessary. In the event of the appliance being shut off in this manner, a code appears on the display which refers to the type of shut-off and the reason behind it. Switch off the appliance. Make sure the external electric switch is in the OFF position, shut off the gas valve and contact a qualified technician. Table summarising error codes Error code A1 Description Ignition fails - No flame detected No flame after safety time(3 attempts) - Open the valve and follow the activation procedure - Check the ignition electrode - Check the detection electrode Press the ON/OFF to Reset A2 A3 Overheating (overheat thermostat/thermo fuse) (95°C) Flue pipe blockage - A temperature higher than 95°C has been detected. Check the water pressure Press the ON/OFF to Reset - Verify the air intake/exaust fumes duct Press the ON/OFF to Reset A4 Flame lift (3 Times) during burning Press the ON/OFF to Reset A6 A7 E6 E7 Hot water temp. probe circuit open / short circuit Cold water temp. probe circuit open / short circuit Flame detected without gas ignition Fan error Replace water outlet temperature sensor or repair hardware circuit Replace water inlet temperature sensor or repair hardware circuit Repair feedback needle or repair feedback hardware circuit Replace the fan or repair the fan drive and speed detection hardware circuit EE Solar energy function fault protection The water inlet temperature exceeding 65°C 70 Parameter setting error protection Error in parameter setting, please contact a qualified technician. 22 /

MAINTENANCE Instructions for opening the casing and performing an internal inspection Before performing any work on the appliance, first disconnect it from the electrical power supply using the external bipolar switch and shut off the gas valve. To access the inside of the appliance, the following is necessary: - loosen the 4 screws, - pull it forward and remove it. / 23


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