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Next Evo X - UK Manual


INSTALLATION Electrical diagram 230VAC(50Hz) Flame Detect Fan Wentylator Igniter ECO Overheat thermostat Gas proportional valve Gas Separate Valve_1 Gas Valve Zawór gazu Gas Separate Valve_2 Gas Separate Valve_33 Water Flux Sensor Water Outlet Temperature Sensor Water Inlet Temperature Sensor 18 /

COMMISSIONING Ignition procedure Press the ON/OFF key placed on the control panel, to display the set temperature. For temperature adjustments see the User Manual paragraph. Initial procedures To guarantee safety and the correct operation of the appliance, the appliance must be prepared for operation by a qualified technician who possesses the skills which are required by law. Electricity supply - Check that the voltage and frequency of the electricity supply correspond to the data shown on the appliance data plate; - Make sure that the earthing connection is efficient. Filling the hydraulic circuit Proceed in the following manner: - Gradually open the valve located on the cold inlet; - open a D.H.W. tap. WARNING!! DO NOT USE THE APPLIANCE WITHOUT WATER. Gas supply Proceed in the following manner: - Make sure that the main gas supply uses the same type of gas as indicated on the appliance data plate; - Open all doors and windows; - Make sure there are no sparks or naked flames in the room; - Make sure that the system does not leak fuel using a cut-off valve inside the appliance itself which should be closed and then opened while the gas valve is disabled. The meter must not show any signs of gas being used for 10 minutes. First ignition The first start-up must be carried out by a qualified technician. 1. Make sure that: - The gas valve is closed; - The electrical connection has been properly carried out. Make sure that, in any case, the green/yellow earthing wire is connected to an efficient earthing system; - The exhaust duct for combustion products should be suitable and free from any obstructions; 2. Switch on the appliance (by pressing the ON/OFF button) 3. Open a D.H.W. tap. 4. The appliance indicates the ignition lock failure 5. Close the D.H.W. tap. 6. To Restore the system, turn the appliance off and on again. 7. Open the gas valve and check the connection seals, including the appliance connection seals, making sure that the meter does not detect any passage of gas. Eliminate any leaks. 8. Start the appliance by opening a D.H.W. tap. WARNING!! Water with a temperature higher than 50° can cause serious burns. Always verify water temperature before use. WARNING!! Do not use the appliance without water. / 19


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