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Next Evo X - UK Manual


INSTALLATION Water circuit diagram 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C Key 1. Heat exchanger 2. Detection Electrode 3. Burner 4. Fan 5. Outgoing water temperature sensor 6. Overheat thermostat 7. Cold water inlet filter 8. Inlet water temperature probe 9. Water flow switch 10. Gas valve 11. Ignition electrode 11 10 9 8 7 Flue discharge/Air intake duct connections Intake/discharge flue duct installation must be in compliance with the regulation in force and instructions provided by the manufacturer The appliance is designed to operate in C mode (by drawing air from outside). When installing an exhaust system be careful when handling the seals, in order to avoid flue gas leaking into the air circuit. Horizontally-installed piping must have a downward incline of 3% so as to avoid the build-up of condensate. When implementing coaxial suction/exhaust systems the use of authentic accessories is obligatory. The flue gas exhaust ducting must not be in contact with or placed near flammable materials, and must not cross building structures or walls made using flammable material. The flue gas exhaust ducting joint should be created using a male/female coupling and a seal. Couplings should always be arranged so that they go against the direction of the condensate flow. For the calculation method, equivalent length values and installation examples please refer to the gas flue accessories catalogue. The suction/exhaust ducting connection kits are supplied separately from the appliance, according to different installation solutions. Carefully read the instructions in the kit. If there is any loss of pressure in the piping, please refer to the gas flue accessories catalogue. Supplementary resistance must be borne in mind during the sizing process mentioned above. WARNING MAKE SURE THAT THE FLUE GAS EXHAUST AND VENTILATION DUCTING ARE NOT OBSTRUCTED. MAKE SURE THAT THERE ARE NO LEAKS ALONG THE FLUE GAS EXHAUST DUCTING. The appliance is set up for connection to a coaxial suction and flue gas exhaust ducting system (60/100). The appliance is set up for connection to a 60/100 coaxial air intake and flue gas exhaust ducting ystem. For split types of suction and exhaust, using the specified adapter. 16 /

Table of flue gas exhaust duct lengths Type Maximum Extension Exhaust-air (m) NEXT EVO X SFT 11/16 MIN MAX Pipes diameter (mm) INSTALLATION WARNING Before performing any work on the appliance, first disconnect it from the electrical power supply using the external bipolar switch. Coaxial system Twin-pipe System S1 = Air intake S2 = Flue gas exhaust Type of air suction/flue gas exhaust ducting Combustion air intake from outside C13 C13 C33 C13 C33 Flue gas exhaust and air suction duct through external wall in the same range of pressure 0,6 8 ø 60/100 S1 = S2 0,6 = 0,6 8 = 8 ø 80/80 Electrical connections For increased safety, ask a qualified technician to perform a thorough check of the electrical system. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by the lack of a suitable earthing system or by the malfunctioning of the electricity mains supply. Make sure that the system is able to withstand the maximum power absorbed by the appliance (this is indicated on the appliance data plate). Check that the section of the wires is suitable and is not less than 0,75 mm 2 The appliance must be connected to an effiecient earthing system if it is to operate correctly. The power supply cable must be connected to a 230V-50Hz network, where the L-N poles and the earth connection are all respected. 120 C33 Flue gas exhaust and air suction duct from outside with roof terminal in the same range of pressure 140 H05VV-F 3G The use of multiplugs, extension leads or adaptors is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to use the piping from the hydraulic, heating and gas systems for the appliance earthing connection. The appliance is not protected against the effects caused by lightning. If the mains fuses need to be replaced, use 3.15A rapid fuses. Important! Connection to the electricity mains supply must be performed using a fixed connection (not with a mobile plug) and a bipolar switch with a minimum contact opening of 3mm must be fitted. / 17


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