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Installation: Reduced Clearances

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Installation: Reduced

Reference: TB 101 08/22 Technical Bulletin Installation: Reduced Clearances Figure 1 – Current clearances illustrated in the manufacturers instructions. REDUCED CLEARANCES FOR THE CLAS ONE R 24, ECOMBI ONE, E-SYSTEM ONE, CLAS ONE AND CLAS SYSTEM ONE RANGE OF BOILERS. The purpose of this technical bulletin is to ensure all gas engineers are aware that a change/upgrade has been carried out internally at Ariston, and until the revised manual is in circulation, this bulletin is to give clear guidance on the new revised clearances: ‣ Below clearances are reduced from 300m to 200mm ‣ Left hand side clearances are reduced from 50mm to 10mm ‣ Right hand side clearances are reduced from 50mm to 10mm TECHNICAL HELPDESK Phone: 0333 240 7777 At the time of this bulletin being issued all upgraded reduced clearances were correct and aligned with Group and Ariston UK. This technical bulletin is only to be circulated within British Gas and a copy will be sent to the Gas Safe Register, it will appear alongside a manufacturers concession which will state the above and be sent to the Gas Safe Register for suitability to the wider market Version Date of issue Date of revision Author 1.0 18/06/2019 01/08/2022 Adam Perry

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