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Cube RF - Manual - Ariston

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installing the cabled

installing the cabled version (3319116) Positioning The device detects the room temperature, therefore several factors should be taken into account when choosing an installation site. Position the device far from heat sources (radiators, sunlight, fireplaces, etc.) and from draughts, doorways and windows which could affect the temperature readings. It should be installed approximately 1.5 metres above the floor level. Fig. 10 ATTENTION! Installation should be performed by a qualified technician. Before making any connections, shut off electrical power to the heat generator with its external two-position switch. Wall installation - If necessary, install the mounting plate to the electrical box included in the kit (Fig. 10). - Detach the room sensor's base by pressing down the tab at the bottom (Fig. 11). - Fix the base to the wall at the chosen position, using the plugs and screws supplied with the kit (Fig. 12). Fig. 11 Electrical connection to the heat generator. IN ORDER TO AVOID INTERFERENCE PROBLEMS, USE A SHIELDED CABLE OR TWISTED PAIR CABLE. - Route the wires through the slot and connect them to terminals B and T. - Once the wires have been connected, restore the room sensor by first inserting the top and then rotating it downwards while pressing it gently in towards the wall. - Connect the room sensor wire to the BUS terminal on the heat generator's terminal board (Fig. 13). - Power up the heat generator Fig. 12 Fig. 13 T B BUS heat generator terminal board GB - 19

installing the cabled version (3319116) Associating the zone - Check that the room sensor is powered up and properly hooked up - Hold the “+” key on the room sensor down for 5 seconds (Fig. 14). The display will alternate between the software version and modification index. - Hold the “+” key on the room sensor down for 5 seconds. The display will show the parameter “nr02” (Fig. 15). - Press “OK” to enter the zone association menu; the display will show the first available zone. - Press “+” and “-” to select the zone you wish to associate (Fig. 16). - Press ‘OK’ to confirm. - Press “MODE” to return to the main screen. Fig. 14 x 5s x 5s Fig. 15 20 - GB Fig. 16