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Cube RF - Manual - Ariston

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technical features

technical features Product Technical Sheet Supplier name ARISTON Manufacturer's model ID Room Sensor Temperature control class V Energy efficiency contribution (%) for space heating +3% If an Ariston external sensor is added: Temperature control class VI Energy efficiency contribution (%) for space heating +4% In a system with 3 zones with 1 Sensys and 1 room sensor: Temperature control class VIII Energy efficiency contribution (%) for space heating +5% Room sensor: 1. display 2. keys 1 2 Display: A. Detected room temperature B. WiFi device detected on bus C. Heating/cooling mode indication D. Fault E. Cooling/anti-freeze mode in controlled zone F. Heat request G. Timer-based modification of room temperature set-point in the schedule programming (when enabled) H. Manual mode active I. Programmed mode active (heating/cooling as scheduled on the system interface) L. Controlled zone OFF M. Battery low charge N. Mode key (“MODE”) O. Confirm key (OK) P. Increase temperature setting key (+) Q. Decrease temperature setting key (-) Set mode to heating (HEAT) or cooling (COOL). A B Q C Q P P D O E O N F G H N I L M GB - 15

operating mode The system's operating mode can be set to heating or cooling when the device is connected to a product which supports both modes (such as a heat pump). Press the “MODE” key (Fig. 1) to display: “ ”. Press “MODE” again (Fig. 2) for 5 seconds. “ ” will display next to the key. Now press the key to select the mode (Fig. 3) The display will show: - “HEAT” heating - “COOL” cooling. Fig. 1 Press the OK button to confirm the selection. NOTE: The heating/cooling mode selection applies to the entire system. x 5s Fig. 2 16 - GB Fig. 3