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Cube RF - Manual - Ariston

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installing the wireless

installing the wireless version (3319118) In order to function properly, the wireless room sensor must be associated with the receiver. This requires that the devices be started up in the same place. Associating the room sensor with the receiver and associating the zone. - Position the room sensor so that it is close to the receiver - Check that the radio receiver is powered up - Power up the room sensor with its two batteries (included in the kit). - Hold the button on the receiver down for 5 seconds; the red led will start flashing - Hold the “+” key on the room sensor down for 5 seconds (Fig. 17). The display will alternate between the software version and modification index - Hold “+” down for 5 seconds again to enter the technical parameters menu; parameter “rF01” will display (Fig. 18) - Press “OK” to enter the association parameter. The display will show the number of associated wireless devices - Hold “OK” down for 3 seconds to launch the association procedure - Once the association procedure has terminated, the display will show the updated number of associated devices. The receiver's red led will turn off. (If the association procedure fails, the red led on the receiver will stay on. In this case, repeat the procedure as described above.) NOTE: If you need to use an aerial, refer to the manual for the association procedure for the aerial. Associating the zone - The display will now automatically show the parameter “rF02” - Press “OK” to enter the zone association parameter - The display will show the first available zone - Press “+” and “-” to select the zone you wish to associate (Fig.5) - Press ‘OK’ to confirm - Press “MODE” to return to the main screen Fig. 17 Fig. 18 x 5s x 5s GB - 21

installing the wireless version (3319118) Inserting or replacing the batteries Type N. AAA (1.5 V, LR03) alkaline batteries 2 1.5 V LR03 (AAA), 1200 mAh lithium 2 batteries Caution: Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type Dispose of used batteries in accordance with all local and national safety and environmental requirements. Fig. 19 Detach the base by pressing down the tab at the bottom (Fig. 19). Insert the 2 batteries in the compartment (make sure to observe the polarity indication). Now restore the room sensor by first inserting the top and then rotating it downwards while pressing it gently in. The wireless room sensor continuously monitors its battery charge. The battery life is around 2 years. When the batteries are nearing exhaustion, the display shows “ ” (Fig. 10). Replace the batteries as described above. Fig. 20 Wall installation Follow the “Wall installation” instructions for the cabled version. Fitting the table-top version The wireless room sensor has a table-top mount. Fit the table-top mount onto the room sensor by inserting the two tabs at the top and then pushing it down until it clicks into place. Pull it upwards to remove it. Fig. 21 22 - GB