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Clas ONE - User Manual

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USER’S MANUAL COMFORT function The boiler allows the ‘comfort’ level for the output of domestic hot water to be increased through the “COMFORT” function. This function keeps the secondary exchanger (or an external tank) warm during the periods in which the boiler is inactive, thereby bringing the initial thermal condition of the water drawn to a higher temperature. This function may be enabled by pressing the COMFORT button 4. When the function is enabled the text COMFORT appears on the display.. Auto button - Temperature adjustment activation The AUTO function enables boiler operation to be adapted to environmental conditions and to the type of system it is installed on. Comfortable temperature is reached inside the room in the quickest way possible, without wasting money, energy or efficiency, while substantially reducing the amount of wear experienced by the components. Your installer will advise you on the devices connectable to the boiler and will program it according to the system. In normal boilers the water temperature inside the heating elements is usually set to a high value (70-80°C), thereby ensuring effective heating during the few really cold winter days. It then becomes excessive on less cold days (of which there are many) more typical of the autumn and winter seasons. This leads to excessive room heating after the thermostat has been switched off, resulting in energy waste and uncomfortable conditions inside the room. The AUTO function “takes control” of the boiler and selects the best operating regime based on environmental conditions, external devices connected to the boiler and the performance required. It constantly decides at which power level to operate based on the environmental conditions and the room temperature required. 8 /

USER’S MANUAL Appliance shut-off conditions The boiler is protected from malfunctions by means of internal checks performed by the electronic P.C.B., which stops the boiler from operating if necessary. In the event of the boiler being shut off in this manner, a code appears on the control panel display which refers to the type of shut-off and the reason behind it. Two types of shut-off may occur: Safety shut-off This type of error is “volatile”, which means that the boiler starts up again automatically as soon as the problem which caused the shut-off is removed; and the error code (e.g. / ) flash on the display and the symbol appears. In fact, soon as the cause of the shut-off disappears, the boiler starts up again and continues to operate normally. If the boiler still indicates a safety shut-off, switch it off. Make sure the external electric switch is in the OFF position, shut off the gas valve and contact a qualified technician. Safety shut-off due to insufficient water pressure If the water pressure inside the heating circuit is insufficient, the boiler will perform a safety shut-off. Code 108 ( / ) will appear on the display. The system may be restarted, re-balancing the water pressure, by using the filling procedure - see note 1. If the re-balancing request is performed on a frequent basis, switch the boiler off, bring the external electric switch to the OFF position, shut off the gas valve and contact a qualified technician to check for any leaks of water. NOTE 1 - FILLING PROCEDURE RE-ESTABLISH THE CORRECT PRESSURE USING THE FILLING LOOP (POSITIONED UNDERNEATH THE BOILER) AND PRESS THE MODE BUTTON FOR 5 SECONDS. THE DISPLAY SHOWS “PURGE“. WHEN THE PRESSURE GAUGE INDICATES A PRESSURE OF 1 BAR, CLOSE THE FILLING VALVE AND PRESS THE MODE BUTTON. THE DISPLAY RETURNS TO NORMAL VIEW. Operation shutdown This type of error is “non-volatile”, which means that it is not removed automatically. On the display flash and the error code , e.g. Err/501 and appears the symbol . In this case the boiler does not restart automatically, but it may be reset by pressing the button. If the problem manifests itself again after several attempts to reset the appliance, contact a qualified technician. Important If this shutdown occurs frequently, contact an authorised service centre for assistance. For safety reasons, the boiler will allow a maximum of 5 reset operations to take place in 15 minutes (individual presses of the button). If the shutdown is occasional or an isolated event, this is not Necessarily a problem. Operation shutdown error table Display Description 1 01 Overheating 1 03 1 04 1 05 Insufficient circulation 1 06 1 07 1 08 Insufficient water pressure - see Note 1 3 05 P.C.B. error 3 06 P.C.B. error 3 07 P.C.B. error 5 01 No flame detection Anti-frost Device. The anti-frost function acts on the central heating flow temperature probe, independently from other settings, when the electrical supply is turned on. If the primary circuit temperature falls below 8°C the pump will run for 2 minutes. After the two minutes of circulation (fixed) the boiler will check the following: a - if the central heating flow temperature is > 8°C, the pump stops; b - if the central heating flow temperature is between 4 and 8°C, the pump will run for another two minutes; c - if the central heating flow temperature is < 4°C, the burner will fire (heating position) at minimum power until the temperature reaches 33°C, the burner will go off and the pump will continue to run for two minutes. The activation of the Anti-Frost feature is symbolised by . The anti-frost device activates only when (with the boiler operating correctly): - the system pressure is correct; - the boiler is electrically powered; - there is a supply of gas. / 9