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Clas ONE - User Manual

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USER’S MANUAL Initial operating procedures Check the water pressure on the pressure gauge and make sure that the figure is between 0.6 and1.5 bar when the system is cold. If the pressure is just under the minimum value the display will request a filling procedure - see note below. Ignition procedure Press the ON/OFF button boiler on the control panel to switch on the FILLING PROCEDURE RE-ESTABLISH THE CORRECT PRESSURE USING THE FILLING LOOP (POSITIONED UNDERNEATH THE BOILER) AND PRESS THE MODE BUTTON FOR 5 SECONDS. THE DISPLAY SHOWS “PURGE“. WHEN THE PRESSURE GAUGE INDICATES A PRESSURE OF 1 BAR, CLOSE THE FILLING VALVE AND PRESS THE MODE BUTTON. THE DISPLAY RETURNS TO NORMAL VIEW. Re-establish the correct pressure by filling loop. If the pressure drops very frequently, there may be a water leak at some point in the system. If this is the case a plumber should be contacted. CLAS ONE / CLAS NET ONE The display shows : - the operating mode: - the set temperature in central heating mode - the set temperature of the hot water in domestic hot water Operating mode selection Use the MODE button 3 to select the desired operating mode. 1 2 Operating mode heating + hot water production for domestic use - WINTER Display Note. Connections viewed from behind boiler. Note: Connections viewed from behind boiler 3 hot water production for domestic use only - SUMMER ONLY HEATING CLAS SYSTEM ONE CLAS SYSTEM ONE The ignition of the burner is indicated on the display by the symbol the dashes underneath indicate the power utilised. 1 2 Adjusting the heating It is possible to set the temperature of the heating water by pressing the buttons 8. The temperature that may be obtained.which varies from 20°C to 45°C (low temperature) and 35°C to 82°C (high temperature). Note. Connections viewed from behind boiler. Note: Connections viewed from behind boiler 3 1. To repressurise the system ensure flexible hose 3 is connected 2. Slowly open taps 1 & 2 (see diagrams above) 3. Water will be heard entering the system 4. When the pressure gauge reads 1.5 bar close taps 1 & 2 6 /

USER’S MANUAL Domestic hot water temperature adjustement only for CLAS ONE / CLAS NET ONE MODELS It is possible to set the temperature of the domestic hot water by pressing the buttons 2 a temperature may be obtained which varies from 36°C to 60°C.The value set previously will flash on the display. Clock Instructions C A B 12 9 3 6 Switching off the heating To switch off the heating, press the MODE button 3; the heating operation symbol will disappear from the display. The Mode button can be used to keep the domestic hot water production process active or to place it in standby (modes deactivated). In the figure below the boiler remains active only for the production of domestic hot water, indicating the set temperature. 1. General layout The mechanical clock covers a 24 hour period. Each tappet represents 15 minutes A. An override switch is located on the clock B. 2. To set the time To set the time of day, grasp the outer edge of the dial and turn slowly clockwise until the correct time is lined up with the arrow C. 3. To Set the “On” and “Off” times The clock uses a 24hours system. e.g. 8 = 8.00 am and 18 = 6.00 pm “ON” periods are set by sliding all tappets between the “ON” time and the “OFF” time to the outer edge of the dial. The tappets remaining at the centre of the dial are the “OFF” periods. 4. For operation Put the selector switch B to the symbol to control the central heating by the clock. Put the switch B to “I” to select permanent operation or to “0” to turn the central heating off permanently. Switching off the boiler To switch off the boiler press the ON/OFF button, the display will switch off. The Anti-Frost Function remains active. ATTENTION!! Switch off the boiler completely by switching the external electrical switch to the OFF position. Shut off the gas valve. / 7