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Clas ONE R - Installation Manual

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1 1 1 MH4 MH2 MHOLE

1 1 1 MH4 MH2 MHOLE INSTALLATION Electrical diagram For increased safety, ask a qualified technician to perform a thorough check of the electrical system. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by the lack of a suitable earthing system or by the malfunctioning of the electricity mains supply. Bl Detection/Ignition electrode NOTE: For separate 2 zone temperature management with an outdoor sensor connected contact the Technical Help Desk on 0870 241 8180 230 V 230 V T B 230 V 230 V 230 V 230 V TA2 BUS FLOOR SE TNK SOL TA1 N L Gas valve Bk Modulating fan Outdoor sensor Bl Rd MAIN SUPPLY C.H. return C.H. flow temperature temperature probe probe Gr CN2 OUTDOOR CN6 Bl Br N L Y/G 1 Y/G Bl N Br L 1 CN8 Bl CN1 Bk Bk CN1 CN3 CN7 CN3 RT L DHW OFF DHW ON CH CN2 Room Thermostat PUMP 24 /

1 1 1 1 INSTALLATION MAIN SUPPLY TERMINAL STRIP BOILER P.C.B. CN27 CN1 CN32 N L TA1 Cyl/STAT CN8 CN3 PUMP 1 MH4 MH2 MHOLE S Plan system utilizing external 2 channel programmer and Ariston hot water cylinder 230 V SE 230 V TA1 INTERFACE P.C.B. 1 INTERFACE P.C.B. 2 CN2 OUTDOOR CN3 CN1 CN6 CN1 RT L N L L N CN7 DHW DHW OFF ON CH CN2 CN8 / 25