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Clas ONE - Installation Manual

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COMMISSIONING Ignition procedure Press the ON/OFF button on the control panel to switch on the boiler. The display shows: ● the operating mode: winter summer Only heating - CLAS SYSTEM ONE ● The figures indicate: - the flow temperature when no heating requests have been made - the flow temperature in central heating mode - the temperature of the hot water set in domestic hot water The carrying out of certain functions is shown: Deaeration cycle started Centrl Heating Post-circulation D.H.W. circuit Post-circulation Electricity supply - Check that the voltage and frequency of the electricity supply correspond to the data shown on the boiler data plate; - Make sure that the earthing connection is efficient. First ignition 1. Make sure that: - The gas valve is closed; - The electrical connection has been properly carried out. Make sure that, in any case, the green/yellow earthing wire is connected to an efficient earthing system; - Use a screwdriver to lift the cap on the automatic air relief valve; - Switch on the boiler (by pressing the ON/ OFF button) and use the Mode button to select the standby mode, where no hot water or heating requests are made. - Start the deaeration cycle by pressing MODE for 5 seconds The boiler will start a deaeration cycle lasting about 7 minutes (See below). If you need to stop it press MODE. During the deaeration cycle open the manual air vent (2) on the heat exchanger and close when clear water free of air is visible. - At the end, check that the system is completely deaerated and, if not, repeat the procedure. - Bleed the air from the radiators; - The exhaust duct for combustion products should be suitable and free from any obstructions; - Any necessary ventilation inlets in the room should be open (type B installation). - Check whether the condense trap contains water; if not, it must be refilled. If necessary, open the manual air vent on the main exchanger until complete filling. N.B.: if the boiler will not be used for long periods, the trap should be filled before the boiler is started up again. It is dangerous not to refill the siphon as fumes may be released into the environment. 2. Open the gas cock and check the connection seals, including the boiler connection joints, making sure that the meter does not detect any passage of gas. Eliminate any leaks. 3. Start the boiler by selecting the heating or domestic hot water operation using the Mode button. Description of Function Deaeration cycle During the filling stage or if there is excess air in the system, the deaeration cycle can be activated by holding the MODE button for 5 seconds. The boiler will start a cycle which lasts approximately 7 minutes. When this is complete the menu screen will be restored. The cycle may either be repeated, if necessary, or stopped by pressing MODE. Press the MODE button until the normal display screen is restored. If the cycle is stopped be sure to manually vent the appliance. 34 /

COMMISSIONING Combustion checking procedure The order of operations for this procedure must always be respected. Refer to Technical Bulletin 143 on Gas Safe Register website for further information on combustion analysis of domestic boilers. Operation 1 - Supply pressure check Loosen the screw 1 and insert the pressure gauge connection pipe into the pipe tap. Switch the boiler on at maximum power. To activate combustion test function: - Press the mode selector to ensure the icons displayed. - Press & hold the reset button for 10 seconds. ‘ ’ will appear on the screen. Ensure the boiler is on max power by pressing the button 2 . The supply pressure should correspond to 4the value established in relation to the type of gas ,for which the boiler is designed see 2 Table summarising changes. Note: The absolute minimum working pressure measured at the inlet test nipple on the gas valve is 17.5 mbar. On the display appear and the icon . The boiler is foced to the maximum heating power. Press the 2 button to forced the boiler at the maximum DHW power. On the display appear the icon . Wait 1 minute for the boiler to stabilise before carrying out the combustion analyses. Read the CO2 value (%) and compare it with the values given in the table below CLAS NET ONE 24 / 30 /38 CLAS ONE 24 / 30 / 38 CLAS SYSTEM ONE 18 / 24 / 30 Gas CO2 (%) MAX CO2 (%) MIN G20 8,7% ÷ 9,7% 8,4% ÷ 9,4% G31 9,5% ÷ 10,5% ATTENTION! CO2max – CO2min > 0,5% 1 1 3 2 4 N.B.: VALUES WITH THE CASING CLOSED. If the CO2 value (%) read differs from the values given in the table, then adjust the gas valve following the instructions below, otherwise move directly onto operation 4. Operation 2 - Preparing the measuring equipment Connect the calibrated flue gas analyser to the left-hand combustion outlet by unscrewing the screw and removing the blanking cover. Adjusting the gas valve at maximum gas flow Adjust the gas valve by turning setting screw 4 clockwise in increments to reduce the CO2 level (a 1 turn adjusts the CO2 level by approximately 0.2%). Wait 1 minute after each change in setting for the CO2 value to stabilise. 4 Operation 3 - Adjusting the CO2 at maximum gas flow rate (domestic hot water) Draw off the domestic hot water at the maximum water flow rate (if a combi). Select the Test function by pressing the RESET button for 10 seconds. WARNING! When the cleaning function is activated, the temperature of the water coming out of the boiler may be more than 65°C. If the value measured corresponds to the value given in the table, max adjustment is complete, otherwise start the setting procedure again. 1 3 2 4 N.B. The Test function is automatically deactivated after 10 minutes or manually by briefly pressing the RESET button. Operation 4 - Checking the CO2 at minimum gas flow With the Test function active, press the 2 button to select the icom and . The boiler is forced to the minimum power. Wait 1 minute for the boiler to stabilise before carrying out the combustion analyses. If the CO2 value (%) read differs by 0.5 % from the value found, then adjust the gas valve following the instructions below, otherwise move directly onto operation 5. Adjusting the gas valve to minimum gas flow Remove cap and adjust screw 2 by turning anti-clockwise in increments to reduce the CO2 level. Wait 1 minute after each adjustment for the CO2 value to stabilise. WARNING! this adjustment is sensitive: a rotation of a 1 turn corresponds to 0.2% of CO2. / 35