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Cares ONE NG - User Manual

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USER’S MANUAL The installation and first ignition of the boiler must be performed by qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer in compliance with Gas Safety (instillation & use) regulations and all other national regulations regarding installation, and in conformity with any requirements established by local authorities and public health organisations. After the boiler has been installed, the installer must ensure that the end user receives the declaration of conformity and the operating manual, and should provide all necessary information as to how the boiler and the safety devices should be handled. This appliance is designed to produce hot water for domestic use (combi version). It should be connected to a heating system and a distribution network for domestic hot water, both of which must be compatible with its performance and power levels. The use of the appliance for purposes other than those specified is strictly forbidden. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by improper, incorrect and unreasonable use of the appliance or by the failure to comply with the instructions given in this manual. Installation, maintenance and all other interventions must be carried out in full conformity with the governing legal regulations and the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Incorrect installation can harm persons, animals and possessions; the manufacturing company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused as a result. In the event of any maintenance or other structural work in the immediate vicinity of the ducts or flue gas exhaust devices and their accessories, switch the appliance off by switching the external bipolar switch to the “OFF” position and shutting off the gas valve. When the work has been completed, ask a qualified technician to check the efficiency of the ducting and the devices. If the boiler should be out of use for a prolonged period, it is recommended that the electrical power supply be disconnected and that the external gas cock be closed. If low temperatures are expected, the boiler and system pipe work should be drained in order to prevent frost damage. Turn the boiler off and turn the external switch “OFF” to clean the exterior parts of the appliance. Do not allow children or inexperienced persons to use the appliance without supervision. Do not forget the Log Book! The Benchmark Scheme Benchmark places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers. The purpose is to ensure that customers are provided with the correct equipment for their needs, that it is installed, commissioned and serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions by competent persons and that it meets the requirements of the appropriate Building Regulations. The Benchmark Checklist can be used to demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations and should be provided to the customer for future reference. Installers are required to carry out installation, commissioning and servicing work in accordance with the Benchmark Code of Practice which is available from the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council who manage and promote the Scheme. Visit for more information. CE labelling The CE mark guarantees that the appliance conforms to the following directives: - 2009/142/CEE relating to gas appliances - 2014/30/EU relating to electromagnetic compatibility - 92/42/CEE relating to energy efficiency - 2014/35/EU relating to electrical safety - 2009/125/CE Energy related Products - 813/2013 Commission regulation (EU) 4 /

USER’S MANUAL Control Panel 1 2 3 4 5 Legend : 1. ON/OFF and operating mode selection button 2. Domestic hot water temperature adjustment buttons +/- 3. Display 4. C. heating temperature adjustment buttons +/- 5. RESET button Display Initial operating procedures Check the water pressure on the pressure gauge and make sure that the figure is between 0.6 and1.5 bar when the system is cold. If the pressure is just under the minimum value the display will request a filling procedure - see note below. Digits indicating: - set temperature - menu settings - error code signals Reset button request FILLING PROCEDURE RE-ESTABLISH THE CORRECT PRESSURE USING THE FILLING LOOP (POSITIONED UNDERNEATH THE BOILER) AND PRESS THE MODE BUTTON 1 FOR 5 SECONDS. THE DISPLAY SHOWS “P“. WHEN THE PRESSURE GAUGE INDICATES A PRESSURE OF 1 BAR, CLOSE THE FILLING VALVE AND PRESS THE MODE BUTTON 1. THE DISPLAY RETURNS TO NORMAL VIEW. Re-establish the correct pressure by filling loop. If the pressure drops very frequently, there may be a water leak at some point in the system. If this is the case a plumber should be contacted. Technical assistance request Flame detected Heating operation set Heating operation active Hot water operation set Standard for: 3301054 3301055 Option for: 3301052 3301053 1 2 Hot water operation active Anti-frost Function Active Note. Connections viewed from behind boiler. Note: Connections viewed from behind boiler 3 1. To repressurise the system ensure flexible hose 3 is connected 2. Slowly open taps 1 & 2 (see diagrams above) 3. Water will be heard entering the system 4. When the pressure gauge reads 1.5 bar close taps 1 & 2 / 5


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