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Aures Slim Multi - UK Manual

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WARNING! BEFORE BEGINNING ANY WORK ON THE ELECTRICAL INSTALLA- TION BE SURE THAT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER IS IN THE “OFF” POSI- TION TO AVOID DANGER OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK Correct Installation Incorrect Installation AURES SLIM MULTI AURES SLIM MULTI Inlet and outlet at Inlet the bottom Outlet Table I: Recommended Cable Model Name Amper 220V 230V 240V Heating Elements Phases Min Field wire mm 2 9.5 kW 240V 38.6 8.0kW 8.7kW 9.5kW 4.5+5 Mono 6 • Operating water pressure 0.5-8 bar (7-116 psi) • W ater pressure operated flow switch • Standard 1/2"Ø compression inlet connection • Top-left and right cable entry • Bottom-left water entry UNIT DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 178mm WIDTH 304mm DEPTH 98mm 8

AURES SLIM MULTI Power Knob Power Led Water Inler Pressure Relief Valve Filter Water Outlet Close cover Steps A B C 9