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Ariston Thermo - Velis Evo product brochure

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VELIS EVO FEATURES AND BENEFITS VELIS EVO ELECTRIC STORAGE WATER HEATER Velis Evo is the perfect blend of comfort and design. Revolutionary in electric storage water heating, the Velis Evo is shower ready in less than 30 minutes.* / Ultra slim twin tank design / "Eco Evo" function / Wi-Fi compatible for smartphone control* / Best in class ErP rating / Anti-legionella and ABS safety system / Shower ready alerts on screen** and in-app* ENERGY RATING B M SLIM FIT DESIGN - ONLY 27CM DEPTH TITANIUM ENAMELLED TANK With its proprietary titanium tank engineering, the Velis Evo boasts exceptional durability and an extended product life. / Fast re-heat times, shower ready in less than 30 minutes* / Premium italian design / Available in 45 and 80 litre models / Must be installed with supplied unvented kit * Velis Evo Wi-Fi only ** Velis Evo only TWIN TANK STRUCTURE ABS SAFETY SYSTEM A set of functions, including Anti-Overheating, Anti-Freezing and Dry Heating Self-Diagnosis, which protect the unit in case of energy or water failures. SAFETY PACKAGE TITANIUM PLUS FLAT ENERGY SAVING SHOWER READY ITALIAN DESIGN SMART BLUE TECH TOUCH SCREEN KEY FEATURES: TWIN TANK TECHNOLOGY Get up to 16% more hot water with all models in the Velis Evo range, which boasts an innovative, high quality titanium enamelled twin tank structure for added durability. Reduced stratification with the unique twin tank technology, providing extra hot water and a hot shower in less than 30 minutes.* AQUA ARISTON NET Velis Evo Wi-Fi is compatible with the Aqua Ariston Net app, allowing full control and monitoring from the palm of your hand. Shuffle through modes and turn the unit on remotely for a hot shower at the perfect time. With Aqua Ariston Net you can monitor energy consumption and achieve savings of up to 25% using daily and weekly programming. EASY TO CONFIGURE ECO EVO FUNCTION ECO EVO - SMART FUNCTION The innovative ECO EVO function memorises user habits to deliver hot water while saving up to 14% on energy bills. The product operates in compliance with top standards on energy efficiency within the electric water heating category. 8PM 7AM LEARNS FROM YOUR USAGE Thanks to the integrated auto-learning software, ECO EVO recalls your daily habits and delivers hot water right when you need it 11AM TEMPERATURE UP/ DOWN CONTROLS BLUE LED DISPLAY WI-FI FUNCTION ON/OFF BUTTON UP TO 14% ENERGY SAVINGS 5PM Panel shown is for the Velis Evo Wi-Fi


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