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Ariston Thermo - Renewables

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NUOS PLUS WI-FI Heat Pump Water Heater ARISTON NET AQUA ARISTON NET ITALIAN DESIGN ENERGY- EFFICIENT BUS BRIDGE NET ANTI- CORROSION ANTI- LEGIONELLA i-MEMORY ANTI- FREEZING TECHNICAL DATA 200D 250I 200L Direct/250L Indirect / Under 4 hour heat up time, lowest on the market* / Highly Efficient COP of 3.14** / Optional Wi-Fi control via Aqua Ariston Net app / "Plug & Play" no F-Gas qualifications needed to install / Extended operating temperature range (-10° to 42°C) / R134a eco-friendly refrigerant gas for water temperatures up to 62°C in heat pump mode / Brand new working modes including daily/weekly programming and I-Memory / Full system integration with Ariston boilers through Sensys controls thanks to BusBridgeNet technology** / 80% more energy savings than traditional cylinders of the same capacity / Super silent at 51dB in Silent Mode, equivalent to a domestic fridge-freezer / Active anode (ProTech) & magnesium anode / Titanium enamelled steel tank *Nuos Plus Wi-Fi 200D only **Nuos Plus Wi-Fi 250I only ENERGY RATING A+ L or XL *Values obtained with outdoor air temperature of 7°C and relative humidity of 87%, inlet water temperature of 10°C and temperature set at 55°C (as per the provisions in EN 16147 and CDC 103-15/C-2018). Ducted product Ø200 mm. **Values obtained from the average of the results as per the provisions in EN 12102-2. Ducted product Ø200 mm. ***Value that guarantees the correct operation and easy maintenance with non-ducted products. The correct operation of the product is nevertheless guaranteed up to a minimum height of 2,090m. ****Values obtained with outdoor air temperature of 7°C and relative humidity of 87%, inlet water temperature of 10°C and temperature set at 55°C (as per the provisions of 2014/C 207/03 - transitional methods of measurement and calculation). Ducted product Ø200 mm. COP* 3,10 3,14 Heating time* h:min 03:59 05:24 Min/max air temperature °C -10/42 -10/42 Max water temperature heat pump only mode/with HE °C 62/75 62/75 Min temperature of storage tank room °C 1 1 Nominal storage tank capacity l 200 245 Sound power level** dB(A) 55 55 Sound power level (silent mode) dB(A) 51 51 Max operating pressure bar 6 6 Voltage/max power consumption V/W 220-240/2500 220-240/2500 Heating element power W 1500+1000 1500+1000 Max electrical power consumption in heat pump mode W 900 900 Electrical system protection grade IPX4 IPX4 Standard air flow rate (automatic modulating control) m 3 /h 650 650 Min volume of the installation room*** m 3 30 30 Empty weight kg 90 115 Insulation thickness mm 50 50 Heat exchanger surface area m 2 - 0,65 Heat dispersion (Pes)* W 21 23 Available static pressure Pa 230 230 Annual electricity consumption (average clima)**** kWh/year 790 1.299 Seasonal efficiency (ηwh)**** % 130 129 Mixed water at 40°C (V40)**** l 256 333 F-GAS DATA Refrigerant type R-134a R-134a Refrigerant charge kg 1.3 1.3 GWP 1430 1430 CO2 equivalents t 1,86 1,86 NUOS PLUS WI-FI 200D 250I Energy class A+ A+ Tapping profile L XL CODE (including unvented kit) 3820027 3820028 OUT IN OUT IN C H F B G A 376 550 (200L) - 810 (250L) 1737 (200L) - 1997 (250L) 1074 113 980 371 290 F B G A D E 1220 (200L) - 1480 (250L) 371 A Inlet cold water ¾” pipe B Outlet hot water ¾” pipe C Condensate drainage connection D Auxiliary circuit ¾” inlet pipe (250I) E Auxiliary circuit ¾” outlet pipe (250I) F Sheath for upper probe (S3) (250I) G Recirculation ¾” pipe (250I) H Sheath for bottom probe (S2) (250I) I Display J Touch buttons 204 650 680 MODE I SET J MENU 600 14 15


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