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Ariston Thermo - Pro1 Eco product brochure


PRO1 ECO FEATURES AND BENEFITS PRO1 ECO ELECTRIC STORAGE WATER HEATER The Pro1 Eco is Ariston’s electric storage water heater available in 50, 80, and 100 litre capacities. / WaterPlus technology for up to 16% more hot water availability * / Reduce energy bills by 14% with "Eco Evo" function – saving enough electricity to run an A+ rated fridge-freezer for approximately a year / Absolute Safety System including Anti-Overheating, Anti-Freezing and Dry Heating Self-Diagnosis functions, which protect the unit in case of energy or water failures / Precise electronic temperature setting via a smart intuitive interface / Titanshield technology and magnesium anode for optimal tank protection / T-MAX function to meet unexpected hot water needs / Magnesium anode to fight corrosion / Modern shape with "Ariston Wave" / Supplied with unvented kit ENERGY RATING B M TITANSHIELD TECHNOLOGY ABSOLUTE SAFETY SYSTEM HIGH QUALITY HEATING ELEMENTS PREMIUM INSULATION MATERIAL KEY FEATURES: ECO EVO - SMART FUNCTION The innovative ECO EVO function memorises user habits to deliver hot water while saving up to 14% on energy bills. The product operates in compliance with top standards on energy efficiency within the electric water heating category. UP TO 14% ENERGY SAVINGS 8PM 7AM LEARNS FROM YOUR USAGE Thanks to the integrated auto-learning software, ECO EVO recalls your daily habits and delivers hot water right when you need it 5PM 11AM MODERN CURVED DESIGN ELECTRONIC CONTROL WITH INDICATIVE LEDS FUNCTION BUTTONS SELECTION BUTTONS WATERPLUS TECHNOLOGY Ti TITANSHIELD PROTECTION Ariston's groundbreaking WaterPlus technology keeps the incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank, reducing the mix with stored hot water. Up to 16% more hot water available. 1 2 3 4 Insulation Heating element Cold water Deflector 1 2 3 4 The inner surface of the tank is enamelled with a layer of titanium, an anti-corrosion and rust-resistant material, which prevents the surface from corroding – even when in contact with warm water. Titanium’s natural properties are boosted by the action of a large magnesium anode that stops the oxidation reactions on the tank’s inner surface, prolonging the life of the water heater. ANTI-LEGIONELLA Once a month, the Pro1 Eco automatically increases the water temperature up to 65°C, in order to eliminate the risk of legionella bacteria developing. Ideal for applications such as hospitals, schools and care homes. HI-TECH DISPLAY PANEL ECO EVO: Learns end user hot water requirements during first week. Temperature is then adjusted automatically between 40°C and the maximum set, to supply the quantity of hot water analysed previously. T-MAX: Boost function that raises the water temperature to 65°C when activated. Then, returns to previously set temperature automatically. This is useful when additional hot water is required. SHOWER READY: Indicates when there is enough hot water available to have one shower. * Maximum estimated saving based on testing conducted at maximum operating temperature between current and new Ariston products equipped with WaterPlus Technology


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