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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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AURES SLIM MULTI ITALIAN DESIGN EASY INSTALLATION EASY MAINTENANCE EXTERNAL POWER REGULATION MULTI POINT DOUBLE SAFETY THERMOSTAT ENERGY EFFICIENT COMPACT SIZE Aures Slim Multi is a great way to supply one or several water outlets with instant hot water. Get hot water precisely when needed and in the right amount by simply opening the tap, with no pre-heating time or space necessary to store it. / Multi-point model to supply multiple hot water outlets (not simultaneously) / Front-facing dial and LED indication for ease of operation / Flow sensor system / 4-step dial to set desired power / Double thermal cut out for complete peace of mind / Easy to maintain with frontal access to internal components / Sleek cover of water inlet and outlet pipes / Elegant brushed front panel / Space saving compact size / Premium Italian design ENERGY RATING A A A I B C A A A B C D E LEGEND I Cold water inlet OG 1/2" O Hot water B outlet G 1/2" C I I B C E B C D O O SM 9.5 240V EU 178mm 135mm 304mm 45mm 98mm TYPICAL APPLICATIONS / Studio apartments / Annexes / En-suite rooms E D E D E D TECHNICAL DATA Efficiency ERP Rating Electrical Data Voltage On Tech Label (V) Ampere Frequency (Hz) Power & Performance Power (kW) Step Power (kW) Phase Max Working Temperature ( o C) Characteristics Max Working Pressure (bar) Safety Value (Y/N) Heating Element Inner Tank Type Water Connection Size (inch/BSP) Min Flow Rate (I/min) IP Protection Degree Tapping Profile Product Code Flow rate & temperature rise This is the temperature rise you can expect from your Aures Slim Multi 9.5 depending on the flow rate: Flow rate l/min Power 9.5kW 3520028 4.5 kW 5 kW 9.5 kW 3 lt/min 22°C 24°C 45°C 4 lt/min 16°C 18°C 34°C A 240 39.6 50/60 Hz 9.5 4.5 + 5 Mono 55 8 Y Copper Plastic 1/2" BSP 2.1 IP24 XS 5 lt/min 13°C 14°C 27°C Therefore, at a full power setting of 9.5kW you can expect to achieve the following outlet temperatures depending on the flow rate: Inlet Temperature Flow rate 3 lt/min 4 lt/min 5 lt/min Summer 20ºC 55* 54 47 Average 12ºC 55* 46 39 Winter 5ºC 50 39 32 For example, a main water supply at 12°C using a flow rate of 4 litres/min will result in an outlet temperature of 46°C. * Please note, the max. working temperature for the Aures Slim Multi is 55°C. 98 99