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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2022

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Aqua Ariston Net Management and control of your water heating system have never been easier and more comfortable. The Aqua Ariston NET app connects you with your water heater wherever you are, ensuring always-on comfort, up to 25% energy savings and total peace of mind. Hot water is always available whenever you need it, to let you enjoy a relaxing shower after a long day outside. With Aqua Ariston Net, the possibilities are endless: / Set and manage the water temperature. / Receive a real time notification when a shower is ready. / Schedule weekly shower needs for the whole family. / Change working mode (Eco Evo, Programming, etc.) / Monitor consumption patterns to save up to 25% on energy bills every year. / Check out energy-saving tips for a more responsible and eco-friendly use of the water heater. / In case of system failure, get alerts providing an error description of the problem to facilitate technical assistance. Only 4 steps to connect 1 Download the Aqua Ariston NET app for free 4 Sign in to the app and start monitoring your hot water usage 2 Create an account For further information please visit our website: 3 Start wi-fi connection | 92

Installation kit In order to fit a Velis Evo Wi-Fi, Velis Evo or Pro1 Eco, it is mandatory to install all products within the following kit (as supplied with the products): 12L Expansion Vessel & Non-return Valve Combination valve Discharge Tundish + + The expansion vessel prevents any build-up of pressure within the domestic hot water system, while the non-return valve stops any backflow of hot water into the cold water main. The Ariston Combination Valve comprises a pressure reducing valve, a pressure relief valve, a check valve and a filter. The valve will control the mains supply pressure for to adjust to max. inlet pressure. In the event the hot water system over pressurises, water is discharged via the 6 bar pressure relief valve and the tundish visually indicates a discharge is occuring. UK certified products All Ariston Thermo products purchased through an offcial UK stockist are UK certified and compliant to UK building regulations. To ensure warranty coverage and safety of installation please make sure you are installing a product that is intended for trade within the UK. | 93