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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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TITANSHIELD TECHNOLOGY INNOVATIVE TANK PROTECTION FOR EXTENDED DURABILITY Ariston has always been committed to developing products that last through time. For this reason, the water heater is equipped with the exclusive TitanShield, Ariston’s double action technology that offers best tank protection with titanium enameling and enhanced magnesium anode. ITALIAN DESIGN MODERN DESIGN FOR DOMESTIC AND LIGHT COMMERCIAL SPACES A contemporary alternative to hot water cylinders, created by the Italian design Umberto Palermo. Engineered and manufactured in Italy with high quality materials for your peace of mind. Ti / STRONG PROTECTION AGAINST CORROSION The inner surface of the tank is coated with a titanium enamel, while the magnesium anode prevents corrosion of the tank’s inner surface and prolongs the life of your water heater. / MINERAL BARRIER AGAINST LIMESCALE Thanks to its unique properties, titanium naturally produces a dioxide film that prevents limescale forming on the inner surface of the tank. / ALL-ROUND QUALITY Rounded shape, sleek aesthetic finishes and no visible screws. All enhanced with new materials for optimised performance. / USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE The advanced hi-tech display offers an intuitive interface and provides easy and precise temperature management. TOTAL SAFETY FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND The Absolute Safety System is a set of functions preserving the good functioning of the product in case of energy or water failures. The safety package includes: / ANTI OVERHEATING: In the event of an error, the high-precision electronic thermostat will shut off the heating cycle, thus avoiding risk of burning out due to overheating of the element. T-MAX FUNCTION FOR UNEXPECTED HOT WATER NEEDS Thanks to the new T-MAX function Pro1 Eco is able to speed up the production of hot water to meet unexpected hot water needs. THE PRO1 ECO FAMILY / ANTI FREEZING: In cold areas, frozen water can damage the water heater severely. This function keeps the water at a minimum temperature of 5°C even when the unit is turned off. / DRY HEATING AUTO-DIAGNOSIS: Should there be a lack of water in the tank, the water heater is able to detect this and prevents the heating cycle from starting and damaging the unit. / ANTI LEGIONELLA: Once a month, the unit will automatically raise the temperature of the water stored inside it to 65°C, in order to eliminate the risk of legionella bacteria developing and keep the water healthy. 88 89