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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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PRO1 ECO ELECTRIC STORAGE WATER HEATER WATERPLUS TECHNOLOGY ENJOY THE COMFORT OF AN EXTRA HOT SHOWER The ground-breaking patented WaterPlus technology keeps the incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank, thus reducing the mix of cold and stored hot water. This allows up to 16% more hot water available*, to let you enjoy the comfort of an extra hot shower anytime you want. ECO EVO FUNCTION THE HOT WATER YOU WANT, ANYTIME The innovative Eco Evo function powered by CoreTECH memorises your daily habits to give you hot water only when you need it, thus allowing you to save energy and reduce costs. 7 AM MAXIMUM SAVING AT HOME Operating in compliance with top standards on energy efficiency within the electric water heating category, Eco Evo function is so smart that it learns from your habits and remembers when and how much hot water you use. 8 PM ECO EVO LEARNS YOUR HABITS DAY AFTER DAY Thanks to the integrated auto-learning software, Eco Evo remembers your daily habits and delivers hot water right when you need it. 11 AM PRO1 ECO 50 / 80 / 100 litre This ensures a 14% saving on your electric bill. 5 PM 86 * Maximum estimated saving, depending on models. Comparison made using V40 test results at maximum operating temperature between current ATG products and new ATG products equipped with WaterPlus Technology.