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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2022

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Velis Evo Velis Evo is a

Velis Evo Velis Evo is a compact water heater, boasting an ultra slim design achieved through Ariston's innovative twin tank technology. With its dual 1.5kW power supply*, the unit provides up to 16% more hot water availability compared to an equivalent capacity standard electric water heater. ENERGY RATING B M / Twin tank design providing 16% more hot water / Ultra slim – only 27cm deep / "Eco Evo" function / Best in class energy rating / Anti-legionella and ABS safety system / Shower ready alerts on screen / 1.5kW dual heating element, ideal for leisure installations / Fast re-heat times, shower ready in 50 minutes / Premium Italian design / Available in 45 and 80 litre models / Must be installed with supplied unvented kit For more information on the kits available for Velis Evo, please see page 93 * Only draws max. 1.5kW at any given time A 506 275 306 203 B 168 Technical Data 45 80 Description Installation Actual Capacity (Litres) Power (kW) Body Colour Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) V40 (I) IP Protection Max Working Temp ( o C) Energy rating Tapping Profile Warranty Aqua Ariston Net Compatibility Heating Times (∆T=45°C) Standing Losses [kWh/24h] @65°C Vertical 45 1.5/1.5 Polar White 220-240 50/60 77 IPX4 65 B M 5 years No 1h 0.96 Vertical 80 1.5/1.5 Polar White 220-240 50/60 115 IPX4 65 B M 5 years No 1h 52m 1.32 408 G 1/2” 142 Product Codes (including unvented kits) 3626305 3626306 VELIS 45 A = 776mm VELIS 80 A = 1251mm B = 405mm B = 880mm LEGEND Cold water inlet G 1/2” Hot water outlet G 1/2” | 84

SAFETY PACKAGE TITANIUM PLUS FLAT ENERGY SAVING SHOWER READY ITALIAN DESIGN Typical applications / Mobile homes / Glamping pods / Cabins Key features: ECO EVO - smart function Twin tank technology The innovative ECO EVO function memorises user habits to deliver hot water while saving up to 14% on energy bills. The product operates in compliance with top standards on energy effciency within the electric water heating category. Up To 14% Energy Savings 7AM Get up to 16% more hot water with all models in the Velis Evo range, which boasts an innovative, high quality titanium enamelled twin tank structure for added durability. Reduced stratification with the unique twin tank technology, providing extra hot water and a hot shower in 50 minutes. 8PM LEARNS FROM DAILY USAGE Thanks to the integrated auto-learning software, ECO EVO recalls daily habits and delivers hot water when needed. 11AM Cold water in - Tank 1 Hot water - Tank 2 5PM | 85