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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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VELIS EVO WI-FI SAFETY PACKAGE TITANIUM PLUS FLAT ENERGY SAVING SHOWER READY ITALIAN DESIGN VELIS 45 A = 776mm B = 405mm VELIS 80 506 275 306 A 203 B 168 408 G 1/2” 142 A = 1251mm B = 880mm LEGEND Cold water inlet G 1/2” Hot water outlet G 1/2” The Velis Evo Wi-Fi offers optional smartphone control, allowing users to plan their next hot shower from wherever they are. With weekly programming through the app, users can save up to 25% on energy bills and monitor consumption anytime. / Twin tank design providing 16% more hot water / Ultra slim – only 27cm deep / "Eco Evo" and "Programming" functions for up to 25% energy savings / Optional Wi-Fi compatibility for smartphone control / 3kW dual heating element, ideal for domestic installations* / Best in class ErP rating / Anti-legionella and ABS safety system / Shower ready notifications in app / Shower ready in less than 30 minutes / Premium Italian design / Available in 45 and 80 litre models / Must be installed with supplied unvented kit For more information on the kits available for Velis Evo Wi-Fi, please see page 39 * Only draws max. 3kW at any given time TYPICAL APPLICATIONS / 1 bedroom properties / Loft conversions / Cylinder replacement installations ENERGY RATING TECHNICAL DATA 45 80 Description Installation Actual Capacity (Litres) Power (kW) Body Colour Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) V40 (l) IP Protection Max Working Temp (ºC) ErP Rating Tapping Profile Warranty Aqua Ariston Net Compatibility Heating Times (∆T=45°C) Standing Losses [kWh/24h] @65°C Product Codes (including unvented kits) Vertical 45 3/3 Brushed Metal 230-240 50/60 77 IPX4 65 B M 5 years Yes 29m 0.96 3626307 B M Vertical 80 3/3 Brushed Metal 230-240 50/60 115 IPX4 65 B M 5 years Yes 56m 1.32 3626308 AQUA ARISTON NET / Set and manage the water temperature. LED TOUCH DISPLAY Velis Evo Wi-Fi has a LED Blue Tech touchscreen display, indicating: / Hot water availability / Eco Evo function toggle / Water temperature and Wi-Fi control / Error codes for easy diagnostics / Receive a real time notification when a shower is ready. / Schedule weekly shower needs for all the family. / Change working mode (Eco Evo, Programming, etc.) / Monitor consumption patterns to save up to 25% on energy bills every year. / Check out energy-saving tips for a more responsible and eco-friendly use of the water heater. / In case of system failure, get alerts providing an error description of the problem to facilitate technical assistance. ONLY 4 STEPS TO CONNECT 1 DOWNLOAD AQUA ARISTON NET APP 2 START WI-FI CONNECTION 3 CREATE AN ACCOUNT 4 SIGN IN TO THE APP AND START MONITORING YOUR HOT WATER USAGE 82 83