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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2022

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Believe in

Believe in sustainability Our purpose is to provide everyone, in every corner of the world, with high-quality heating and water heating solutions, while protecting the environment. To this end, we have placed energy effciency and technologies using energy from renewable sources at the centre of our sustainable growth strategy, thus acting consistently with the sustainable development goals endorsed by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This commitment is reflected in the effort we invest in developing effcient and sustainable products, solutions and processes that can make a decisive contribution to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact without sacrificing comfort. | 8

The economic, social and environmental impacts generated through Ariston Group operations contribute towards 9 of the 17 sustainable development goals, including: Sustainable cities and communities Ariston Group's commitment to energy-effcient solutions will enable citizens to use clean energy to its fullest potential. Replacing low-effciency products with Ariston’s new high-effciency technologies will allow to curb carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3,4 Mln tons by 2022*. Responsible consumption and production All of our production plants around the world are at the centre of Ariston Group's energy effciency plan. This consists of a long-term strategy that in 2019 allowed the Group to achieve a remarkable result: over 10,000 tons of CO2 equivalent avoided thanks to the energy effciency of the production processes. Climate action During 2019 the Ariston Comfort Zone, a modular house equipped with Ariston’s most advanced and effcient technology, enabled a group of researchers from the University of Copenhagen tasked with studying how climate change is affecting the Arctic ecosystem to conduct 22 new studies. | 9