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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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ANDRIS RANGE - WHICH KIT DO YOU NEED? In order to fit an Andris R, Andris Lux or Andris Lux Eco, it is good practice and sometimes mandatory to install one or several kits. Please use the following chart as a guide: ANDRIS RANGE - HOW EASY IS IT TO INSTALL? 1 2 3 4 Is the unit over 15 litres? NO Will the inlet pipework accommodate the expanded water without hot water entering any supply pipe connected to the cold tap/draw-off? Unpack appliance, read instructions and check fittings are present. Fit dielectic junctions to inlet and outlet water connections. Mount the unit on the wall using hanging bracket. Connect cold pipework if required. Fit pressure reducing valve and expansion vessel. YES NO YES Does the supply pipework contain any check valves, stop taps with loose jumpers or devices that prevent reverse flow? 5 Fit 6 bar pressure relief valve and connect cold water supply (see Fig 1). Then connect hot water supply. 6 Install discharge pipework from 6 bar PRV to terminate into a drain point of safety (see Fig 2). Fit discharge tundish if required. 7 Connect 13A electrical supply to appliance. 8 Turn on mains water. Unit is ready for use. Is the mains pressure > 3.5 bar? Install Kit A Kit B Kit C Install Kit A Kit C Is the mains pressure > 3.5 bar? Install Kit A Kit B Kit C YES Install Kit A Kit C Is the mains pressure > 3.5 bar? YES NO YES NO YES NO Install Kit A Kit B Kit C NO Install Kit C recommended ANDRIS RANGE - INSTALLATION FIG 1 Dielectric Junctions (must be fitted) O I Pressure Relief Valve (6 bar) Discharge KIT A - Expansion Vessel (Charge set at 3.5 bar) Kit A - Non-return Valve Nearest cold water draw-off Supply to other parts of plumbing system KIT B - Pressure Reducing Valve (set at 3.5 bar) Isolating Valve (fixed jumper or 1/4 ) Cold water mains ANDRIS RANGE - INSTALLATION KITS KIT A KIT B KIT C 2L Expansion Vessel & Non-return Valve The expansion vessel prevents any build-up of pressure within the domestic hot water system, while the non-return valve stops any backflow of hot water into the cold water main. PRODUCT CODE: 406801 3.5 Bar Pressure Reducing Valve The maximum cold water inlet pressure designed for the Andris unit is 3.5 bar. Therefore, this pressure reducing valve controls the water to not exceed this limit. PRODUCT CODE: 406802 Discharge Tundish In the event the hot water system over pressurises, water is discharged via the 6 bar pressure relief valve and the tundish visually indicates a discharge is occuring. PRODUCT CODE: 406807 FIG 2 (Applicable to 30L units only) Fixed grating 2.8m (10L) OR 4.2m (15L) OF 15mm PIPE IS REQUIRED FOR EXPANSION Tundish Max. 600mm Min. 300mm Metal discharge pipe (D2) from tundish with continuous fall. Pipe details 10 Litre 15 Litre Length of Ø 15mm pipe 2.8m 4.2m Length of Ø 22mm pipe 1.5m 2.2m Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve Metal discharge pipe (D1) from Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve to tundish. Trapped 76 gulley 77