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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2022

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Andris Lux Eco The

Andris Lux Eco The Andris Lux Eco from Ariston is a small unvented electric water heater, encompassing leading Italian design, energy effciency, durability, usability and safety. This premium model also boasts additional features, including anti-legionella and anti-overheating functions. ENERGY RATING A XXS & S / 'A' class energy rating across all models / Front facing electronic temperature control / "Eco Evo" function – save up to 15% on your energy bills / Anti-legionella function for total peace of mind / ABS safety package with ant-freezing / Copper heating element / Fast reheat times / Modern, cutting edge and premium design / Installation in 10 easy steps TECHNICAL DATA 10L O 10L U 15L O 15L U 30L O Description 2.5kW 2.5kW 2.5kW 2.5kW 2.5kW* Type Unvented Unvented Unvented Unvented Unvented A D Capacity (Litres) Installation 10 Oversink 10 Undersink 15 Oversink 15 Undersink 30 Oversink Energy rating A A A A A Element rating (kW) 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50 2.50 O B I C Tapping profile Heating time (min) XXS 14 XXS 14 XXS 21 XXS 21 S 36 Unit weight (kg) 6.7 6.7 7.5 7.5 11.2 10L O & 10L U 2.5kW 15L O & 15L U 2.5kW 30L O 2.5kW* Heat loss 65 o C (kWh) 0.46 0.71 0.61 0.85 0.75 A 360mm 360mm 446mm Product Codes 3100717 3100718 3100721 3100722 3820018* B 360mm 360mm 446mm C 294mm 342mm 406mm * Including unvented kits D 385mm 385mm 475mm Typical applications / Medical environments / Laboratories / School facilities | 70

ITALIAN DESIGN TITANIUM PLUS A CLASS ENERGY SAVING ECO EVO FUNCTION ABS SAFETY SYSTEM ANTI - LEGIONELLA ANTI - FREEZING Anti-Legionella / Once a month, the Andris Lux Eco automatically increases the water temperature up to 65°C, in order to eliminate the risk of legionella bacteria developing. Ideal for applications such as hospitals, schools and care homes. ECO EVO - Smart technology Thanks to the ECO EVO function, Andris Lux Eco remembers when and how much hot water is used. Without any effort, users can have the hot water they need, when they need it. 15 litres Learns from daily usage In this example of a typical school day, the unit remembers more water is required mid-morning and early afternoon on a weekday. Thanks to the ECO EVO function, the unit heats stored water accordingly. 12 litres Water consumption 9 litres 6 litres 3 litres 0 litres Daily activity Monday to Friday 8AM 10AM 2PM 5PM | 71