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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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CONTROLS OVERVIEW CONTROLS - ARISTON NET COMPATIBLE* THE POWER OF BUS BRIDGE NET PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION WHAT IS BusBridgeNet®? 3319126 Cube S Net (Wi-Fi Thermostat) 3318991 Sensys Net Wi-Fi (including Sensys Thermostat & Wi-Fi Gateway) 3319229 Ariston Net GPRS (including Sensys Thermostat & GPRS Gateway) 3318885 Ariston Net Wi-Fi (including Room Sensor & Wi-Fi Gateway, For pre-evo boilers) 3318887 Ariston Net GPRS (including Room Sensor & GPRS Gateway, For pre-evo boilers) Standard Terms Discount Not Applicable - Net Pricing Available on Request Cube S Net Thanks to the BusBridgeNet® communication protocol the Cube Range creates intelligent communication between the controls and the boiler Improving on a generic On/Off type thermostat, the boiler, in conjunction with Cube S Net, enables 2-way communication which allows more information to be exchanged. This enables the boiler to work to its maximum potential and best possible efficiency to ensure a high level of comfort, greater energy savings and complete peace of mind. CONTROLS - OTHER GENERIC THERMOSTAT CUBE S NET PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION 3319118 Cube RF (Wireless Room Sensor**) 3319120 Wireless eBus 2 Gateway (for use with Cube RF and Wireless Multi-Zone Kits) 3319091 Outdoor Sensor (Wireless**) 3318588 Outdoor Sensor (Wired) Cube RF ON/OFF SIGNAL COMMUNICATION 3319121 Multi-Zone Kit Wireless 6 Outputs 3319122 Multi-Zone Kit Wireless 2 Outputs** 3319130 Multi-Zone Kit Wired 2 Outputs 3319098 Wireless Repeater EU (Wi-Fi extender for Ariston controls) 3318585 Sensys 3318632 Programmable Room Stat (Wireless) 3318636 Multi-zone Manager (Wired - 3 Outputs) 3318594 Room Thermostat (Wired) 3319093 Receiver (analogue for Outdoor Sensor with evo boilers) Sensys Net Room Thermostat COMFORT HEATING TEMPERATURE CONTROL ✓ ✓ TURN BOILER ON/OFF ✓ ✓ THERMOREGULATION X ✓ HOT WATER CONTROL** X ✓ ENERGY SAVING TIME PROGRAMMING ✓ ✓ ENERGY REPORT X ✓ PEACE OF MIND ERROR NOTIFICATION X ✓ FULL SET OF PARAMETERS MONITORED 24/7 X ✓* TURNING OF PRODUCTS REMOTELY X ✓* Standard Terms Discount Not Applicable - Net Pricing Available on Request * Please contact us for compatibility, ** Must be used in conjuction with Cube S Net/Sensys Net and a Wireless eBus2 Gateway (3319120), Clas HE R only compatible with 3318885 & 3318887 in diagnostic only mode and 3318594 wired room thermostat OUR REFERENCE PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION CUBESNET 3319126 CUBE S NET CUBERF 3319118 CUBE RF EBUS2 3319120 WIRELESS EBUS2 RECEIVER * When connected to a remote diagnostic service. **Combi boiler only. 58 59


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