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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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ARISTON NET PRO STAY CLOSE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS With Ariston NET PRO, Ariston's remote diagnosis platform, life is made simpler for our professionals. Upgrade your service offer, stay in close contact with your customers, and be quick and efficient in managing your registered heating systems whenever and wherever you are. THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF ARISTON NET PRO EFFICIENT OPERATION Monitoring your installed boilers via the web app enables you to promptly tackle unexpected breakdowns and manage your business’ daily operations more easily and efficiently. Plus, it allows you to improve both scheduling of maintenance activities and spare parts management. ALWAYS-ON TECHNICAL SUPPORT In case of system failure, the remote diagnosis platform provides you with real time notifications that enables you to fix the problem remotely in the shortest possible time before the customer experiences any inconvenience. Thanks to the 24/7 remote product monitoring, you can keep your customers happy and satisfied even from a distance. ENHANCE YOUR SERVICE OFFER Provide your clients a top class service thanks to the remote diagnosis platform. The possibility to check and take care of systems installed at your customers’ home from anywhere will help you increase the number of appliances under maintenance contract. Going digital means a big boost in business opportunities. A NEW, DIGITAL WAY TO SERVE YOUR CLIENTS IN COMPLETE SAFETY With the ability to continually monitor the heating system and solve any problems from anywhere, you can stay fully operational with no need to be physically present on site, therefore ensuring that your customers receive the highest level of assistance even when visits are not possible. ARISTON PRODUCT REMOTE DIAGNOSIS PLATFORM ASSISTANCE TECHNICAL SUPPORT ARISTON NET APP 56 57