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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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CREATE YOUR WIRELESS SYSTEM 3 5 3 WHICH PRODUCTS? Accessories for multi-zone management via radio are compatible with all Bus Bridgenet® products for individual installation. 3 3 HOW IT WORKS The receiver is the device that allows communication between heat generator and system. The CUBE RF room sensors radio thermostats send the heating request directly to the heat generator. The latter sends a signal to the multi-zone radio module for activation of the recirculation pumps or opening of zone valves. Systems can be created with up to six zones and can be mixed (wireless and wired). Installation is incredibly easy. ARISTON NET Ariston NET is also compatible with wireless multi-zone systems. To enjoy connectivity and all the benefits of smart comfort, purchase a product with connectivity included or contact the Assistance Centre to get the system connected. Programme your comfort, monitor consumption and receive technical assistance* direct to your smartphone! 2 4 1 SYSTEM DIAGRAM 4 1 3 5 ZONA 1 BUS 2 1 /HEAT GENERATOR Ariston boilers are equipped with the Bus Bridgenet® protocol and set-up for multi-zone management via radio. / CUBE RF The wireless and battery powered CUBE RF room sensor thermostat can be located wherever you want! / SIGNAL REPEATER Useful in installations with zones that are significant distances apart and require radio-signal boosting. ZONA 2 VZ1 2 / RECEIVER Connected directly to the BUS of the circuit board, it allows connection of the heat generator to the radio system. 4 / MULTI-ZONE RADIO MODULE Available for 2 or 6 zones, it allows activation of the recirculation pumps or zone valves, according to zone demand. 3 ZONA 3 VZ2 VZ3 5 Components: 1 / Genus One Net condensing boiler 2 / Bus receiver - 3319120 3 / Cube RF - 3319118 4 / 6-zone multi-zone radio module - 3319121 5 / Radio signal repeater - 3319098 * The remote assistance service is subject to the contractual terms between Service Centre and End User. 52 53