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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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ARISTON'S COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMERS COMFORT IS AT THE HEART OF ALL WE DO With 90 years of global manufacturing experience, Ariston Thermo Group is well aware of the challenges in creating heating, water heating and renewables products that deliver exceptional levels of efficiency and comfort. Industry professionals and consumers can all take comfort from the fact that Ariston is an established international business, constantly striving to develop and expand its product portfolio. The Ariston team is committed to providing comfort to everyone, whatever the application. By investing in the latest technologies, Ariston is able to offer a range of innovative products that meet all the necessary requirements in terms of energy efficiency, reliability, quality and comfort. ARISTON THERMO GROUP 90 TH ANNIVERSARY WHATEVER THE NEED OR LOCATION, THE ARISTON CHALLENGE IS TO DELIVER COMFORT TO EVERYONE. Ariston is committed to developing new products and technologies to deliver comfort to all four corners of the world. This is typified by the results of the Ariston Comfort Challenge, which saw the company successfully travel to Greenland and bring comfort to one of the most inhospitable places on Earth – while maintaining a strong focus on the environment. Since 1930, Ariston Thermo’s mission has been to deliver energy efficient and renewable solutions to everyone, in every corner of the world. Today, the Group renews its commitment to sustainable efficiency through the development of high-quality heating and water heating solutions that can improve and simplify everyday lives while protecting the environment.


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