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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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NUOS PLUS HEAT PUMP TECHNOLOGY The air can be ducted both on the inlet and on the outlet sides to channel the flow appropriately according to the various situations. The NUOS range features numerous air accessories to fulfill any installation requirements. WORKING PRINCIPLES 1 / The refrigerant fluid crosses the evaporator and absorbs the heat from the air drawn in by the fan. This process ensures that they refrigerant changes phase by evaporating. 3 / Inside the condenser, the refrigerant gas passes its heat to the water contained inside the cylinder. This exchange process ensures that the refrigerant begins returning to its original liquid state by condensing. 2 / The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant gas, which causes it to increase in temperature. 4 / The refrigerant fluid loses further pressure and temperature by passing through the expansion value, completely returning to its original state. FLOOR-STANDING MONOBLOCK NUOS PLUS KEY FEATURES "GREEN" MODE The "GREEN" mode is the most efficient setting, allowing the unit to maintain water temperature at 55°C using the heat pump exclusively, ensuring maximum energy saving. 110 Maximum linear duct lenght of 14m (duct ø 150mm) and 45 m (duct ø 200mm (NUOS PLUS) e 8m "BOOST" FUNCTION By enabling this mode, the water heater simultaneously uses the heat pump and heating element to reach the desired temperature in the least time possible. Once the temperature has been achieved, operation returns to the previous mode.