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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2022

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Heat pump technology -

Heat pump technology - the future of home comfort Heat pumps What are they? Heat pumps use the same technology as the everyday fridge-freezer, only reversed! This technology plays a considerable role in reaching our collective goal of reducing demand for fossil fuels and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Heat pumps operate on a refrigerant cycle which enables the collection of heat to be effciently transfered into a heating or hot water system. Heat pumps Air Source vs. Ground Source The most common types of heat pumps are air-source, as opposed to ground-source. In air-source heat pumps, heat is extracted from the outside air and is used to provide heat for radiators or a domestic hot water tank. Air source heat pumps are easy to install, more space effcient compared to their ground source counterparts. All Ariston heat pumps are airsource systems and can effciently extract heat from air as cold as -10ºC. Heat pumps Monobloc & Split The way refrigerant cycles through a heat pump determines whether it is a monobloc or split system. But what do these terms mean? The heat pump is a monobloc system if the refrigerant is self-contained within the unit. A split system means the refrigerant is piped out of the unit and into a home to complete the cycle. Both monobloc and split systems have their benefits, but their selection depends on the application. | 108

REFRIGERANT GAS WATER AIR Refrigerant cycle and water cycle in the nuos unit Split Monobloc What does it mean The refrigeration circulates between the external unit and the internal unit The refrigeration circuit remains isolated in one unit and water circulates Technology benefit No danger of water freezing outside the property as it never goes outdoors No danger of refrigerant leaks inside the property and no F-Gas qualifications required Less evident pressure drops Models available with 2 standard integrated zones Installation More flexibility in siting of appliances Compact and more simple installation | 109