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Ariston Thermo - Catalogue 2021

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NUOS PLUS THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE COMFORT IS HERE HEAT PUMP TECHNOLOGY UNPARALLELED ENERGY EFFICIENCY The renewable heat pump technology used by Nuos converts heat from the air into energy for domestic hot water, ensuring up to 75% energy saving* compared to traditional electric storage water heaters. The modulating power provided by the Inverter Technology and the electronic expansion valve installed in the refrigerant circuit allow to reach a temperature of up to 62°C with the most efficient COP in the market, with short heating-up time and low noise. For added efficiency, Nuos can be conveniently coupled with a boiler. Moreover, all models boast an energy class A+. DIFFERENT WORKING MODES CHOOSE YOUR BEST COMFORT The product has different working modes and advanced programmes to give you total control of your tailor-made comfort. Available on all models, the Silent mode ensures quiet operation at all times. For extra comfort, Nuos Plus boasts the shortest water heating time in the category*. COMPARING TECHNOLOGIES Monobloc heat pump water heaters NUOS PLUS 4h30min The lowest heating time on the market** +75% Energy saving compared to a conventional electric water heater with the same capacity 3.14 COP*** 106 NUOS PLUS 200 / 250 L *According to EN 16147 regulation **Data refers tol NUOS PLUS 200 *** Data refers to NUOS PLUS 250 with 14°C air T (EN16147) 107