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Ariston Thermo - Andris R product datasheet

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UNDER SINK UNVENTED ELECTRIC WATER HEATER 10 / 15 ITALIAN DESIGN TITANIUM PLUS ENHANCED ANTI-CORROSION COMPACT SIZE EASY INSTALLATION EXTERNAL POWER REGULATION TECHNICAL DATA ANDRIS R O I Description 10L 2kW 10L 3kW 15L 2kW 15L 3kW Height (mm) 360 360 360 360 Width (mm) 360 360 360 360 A B 10L (Undersink) 2kW & 3kW D C 15L (Undersink) 2kW & 3kW Depth (mm) 298 298 346 346 Class B B B B Tapping XXS XXS XXS XXS Power (kW) 2 3 2 3 Capacity (L) 10 10 15 15 Voltage (V) 240 240 240 240 Heating Time (mins) 17 12 26 18 Orientation Undersink Undersink Undersink Undersink Weight (kg) 6.7 6.7 7.5 7.5 Product codes 3100863 3100832 3100864 3100834 A 360mm 360mm B 360mm 360mm C 298mm 346mm D 385mm 385mm IN ORDER TO FIT AN ARISTON ANDRIS R IT IS GOOD PRACTICE AND SOMETIMES MANDATORY TO INSTALL ONE OR SEVERAL OF THE FOLLOWING KITS: KIT A Expansion Vessel & Non-return Valve An expansion vessel is a device that takes up the expansion of water in the domestic hot water system when it is heated. This prevents build up of excess pressure. The non-return valve prevents backflow of expanded hot water in to the cold water main. PRODUCT CODE: 406801 KIT B 3.5 Bar Pressure Reducing Valve The maximum cold water inlet pressure designed for the Andris R unit is 3.5 bar therefore this pressure reducing valve controls the water to not exceed this limit. PRODUCT CODE: 406802 KIT C Discharge Tundish In the event that the hot water system over pressurises, the highly pressurised water is discharged via the 6 bar pressure relief valve and the tundish serves to visually indicate that this discharge is occuring. PRODUCT CODE: 406807 AndrisR/datasheet/Jan20 / 2


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