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Ariston Thermo - Andris Lux product brochure

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ANDRIS LUX FEATURES AND BENEFITS ANDRIS LUX ELECTRIC WATER HEATER The Andris Lux is a market-leading unvented electric water heater, offering superb hot water performance from a cutting-edge, compact, Italian design. Convenient and easy to install, the unit combines energy efficiency, durability, usability and safety. It is available in 8 models including 6, 10, 15 and 30 litre variants, as well as undersink and oversink versions. UP TO TITANIUM ENAMELLED TANK COPPER HEATING ELEMENT / Easy to operate with mechanical dial / 'E' setting on the dial to optimise comfort and energy saving / Copper heating element (Nickel free) / Heating lamp to show the heating cycle is in process / Fast reheat times / Installation in 10 easy steps FEATURES: ELEGANT AESTHETIC MODERN ITALIAN DESIGN TITANIUM ENAMELLED TANK / With its proprietary titanium tank engineering, the Andris Lux boasts exceptional durability and an extended product life. EASY TEMPERATURE REGULATION / A regulation knob allows the temperature to be set according to a user's comfort. The 'E' setting optimises energy saving. ITALIAN DESIGN / Designed by Umberto Palermo, the Andris Lux’s modern, elegant and cutting edge new design offers a sophisticated look and easy installation. ENHANCED ANTI-CORROSION / With its robust 4 bolt flange and copper heating element, the Andris Lux Eco offers improved protection against water corrosion. BATHROOMS KITCHENS ANNEXES SMALL BUSINESSES LOG CABINS UTILITY ROOMS GARAGES & WORKSHOPS CONSERVATORIES LOFT CONVERSIONS EXTENSIONS MECHANICAL DIAL TOP OR BOTTOM CONNECTIONS 1. Temperature regulation dial, with 'E' positioning for optimisation of comfort and energy saving (Economy setting). 2. Heating lamp shows that the heating cycle is in progress.