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Ariston - Pro1 Eco Datasheet

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Ariston - Pro1 Eco

Pro1 Eco The Pro1 Eco is Ariston’s electric storage water heater available in 50, 80, and 100 litre capacities. The unit’s display allows for easy temperature setting and control. ENERGY RATING B M / WaterPlus technology for up to 16% more hot water availability * / Save up to 14% on energy bills with "Eco Evo" function powered by CoreTech / Absolute safety system including anti-legionella function, raising water temperature to 65°C on a monthly basis to eliminate legionella bacteria / Precise electronic temperature setting / Titanshield technology for optimal tank protection / T-MAX function to face unexpected hot water needs / Premium insulation material / Magnesium anode to fight corrosion / Modern shape with "Ariston Wave" / Smart intuitive interface / Supplied with unvented kit * Maximum estimated saving based on testing conducted at maximum operating temperature between current and new Ariston products equipped with WaterPlus Technology Typical applications / 1-2 bedroom properties / Small hospitality and retail units / Cylinder replacement installations | 1

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