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Ariston Nimbus NET R32 Leaflet for professionals

Ariston Nimbus NET R32 Leaflet for

The right choice for sustainable comfort The new Nimbus NET R32 represents a sleek-looking and highly-efficient solution for sustainable heating, cooling and water heating. So you can achieve maximum comfort in the most convenient way, while reducing your bills and footprint. Discover all the advantages of Nimbus NET R32: EASY INSTALLATION PLUG&PLAY Developed with Professionals EASY SET UP SENSYS CONFIGURATION WIZARD EASY MAINTENANCE FRONT DOUBLE DOOR WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS Maximum Flexibility IDEAL FOR INTEGRATED SYSTEMS HIGH CASCADABILITY POWER Ariston Group disclaims all responsibility for possible printing or transcription mistakes of this brochure. Furthermore, it reserves the right to change, without notice, the information of the products contained herein. FOR PROFESSIONALS Excellent Reliability Sustainable Performance A+++ QUIET OPERATION IN EVERY CONDITION BIM objects on TOP-NOTCH PERFORMANCE IN COLDER CLIMATES 100% ARISTON QUALITY On-board Connectivity ERP ENERGY CLASS ARISTON NET PRO REMOTE ASSISTANCE COP UP TO 5.1 POWERED BY R32 REFRIGERANT HOT WATER | HEATING | RENEWABLES Customer Service: | 0333 240 8777 Sales: | 0333 240 6666 The right choice for sustainable comfort Nimbus NET R32 Air/Water Heat-Pumps Ariston’s most advanced heat pump range combining top performance with maximum flexibility. ARISTON NIMBUS NET R32/MAY 2023/001

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