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Andris R - User & Installation Manual

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62 “Enactment of

62 “Enactment of Directive 2012/19/EU governing electrical and electronic waste (WEEE)” The barred bin symbol on the appliance and its packaging indicates that the product must be scrapped separately from other waste at the end “Enactment of its service life. of The Directive user must 2012/19/EU therefore hand governing the equipment electrical over to a sorted and electronic waste disposal waste facility (WEEE)” for electro-technical and electronic equipment The barred at the end bin of symbol its service on life. the appliance and its packaging indicates that the product must be scrapped separately Alternatively, from other may waste return the at equipment the end to of the its retailer service at the time life. of The purchase user of must a new therefore equivalent type hand of appliance. the equipment Electronic equipment over to a of sorted size less waste than disposal 25 cm can facility be handed for over electro-technical to any electronics and equipment electronic retailer equipment whose sales at area the end is at least of its 400 service m2 for life. disposal free of charge and without Alternatively, any obligation to he purchase may return new product. the equipment to the retailer at the time of purchase of a new equivalent type of appliance. Electronic Sorted waste equipment collection for of recycling, size less treatment than 25 and cm environmentally can be handed compatible over to scrapping any electronics contributes equipment to the prevention retailer of whose damage sales to the area environment is at least and promotes 400 m 2 reuse/recycling. for disposal free of charge and without any obligation to purchase new product. Sorted waste collection for recycling, treatment and environmentally compatible scrapping contributes to the prevention of damage to the environment and promotes reuse/recycling. 3 3


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