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Andris Lux Eco - UK Manual

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GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION! 1. This manual is an integral part of the product. Keep it with care with the appliance, and hand it on to the next user/owner in case of change of property. 2. Read the instructions and warning in this manual carefully, they contain important information regarding safe installation, use and maintenance. 3. The appliance must be installed and commissioned by a qualified technician in accordance with local legislation and health and safety regulations. All power circuits must be shut off before you open the front panel and access the electrical components. 4. DO NOT use the appliance for any other than its specified use. The manufacturer is not liable for damage resulting from improper or incorrect use or failure to observe the instructions given in this manual. 5. Incorrect installation can result in damage to property and injury to persons and animals; the manufacturer is not liable for the consequences. 6. DO NOT leave the packaging materials (staples, plastic bags, expanded polystyrene, etc.) within the reach of children - they can cause serious injury. 7. The appliance may not be used by persons under 8 years of age, with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacity, or lacking the requisite experience and familiarity, unless under supervision or following instruction in the safe use of the appliance and the hazards attendant on such use. DO NOT permit children to play with the appliance. User cleaning and maintenance may not be done by unsupervised children. 8. DO NOT touch the appliance when barefoot or if any part of your body is wet. 9. Any repairs, maintenance, plumbing and electrical connection must be done by qualified technicians using original spare parts only. Failure to observe the above instructions can compromise the safety of the appliance and relieves the manufacturer of any liability for the consequences. 10. The hot water temperature is regulated by a thermostat which also acts as a resettable safety device to prevent dangerous overheating. 11. The electrical connection must be done as indicated in this manual. 12. If the appliance is equipped with a power cord, the latter may only be replaced by an authorised service centre or professional technician. 13. Do not tamper with the overpressure safety device, if supplied 4

together with the appliance; trip it from time to time to ensure that it is not jammed and to remove any scale deposits. In countries which have enacted EN 1487, the appliance's intake pipe must be equipped with a safety device compliant with the said standard, calibrated to a maximum pressure of 0.7 MPa, including at least a cock, check valve, safety valve and hydraulic load cutout. 14. It is normal that water drip from the overpressure safety device and EN 1487 safety unit when the appliance is heating. For this reason one must install a drain, open to the air, with a continuously downwards sloping pipe, in an area not subject to subzero temperatures. Make sure to drain the appliance when it is out of service or in an area subject to subzero temperatures. 15. Make sure to drain the appliance when it is out of service or in an area subject to subzero temperatures. 16. Water heated to over 50° C can cause immediate serious burns if delivered directly to the taps. Children, disabled persons and the aged are particularly at risk. We recommend installing a thermostatic mixer valve on the water delivery line, marked with a red collar. 17. Do not leave flammable materials in contact with or in the vicinity of the appliance. 5