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Alteas ONE Net - User Manual

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USER’S MANUAL Disposal and recycling boiler. Our products are designed and manufactured for most of the components of recyclable materials. The boiler and its accessories have to be adequately disposed and the various materials differentiated, where possible. The packaging used for the transport of the boiler must be disposal by the installer / dealer. ATTENTION!! Recycling and disposal of the boiler and the accessories must be made as required by regulations. Change of gas type Our boilers are designed to function either with Natural Gas (methane) or L.P.G. gas. If you need to change from one gas to the other, one of our Authorised Service Centres must be contacted to convert the appliance. Maintenance Schedule an annual maintenance check-up for the boiler with a competent person. Correct maintenance always results in savings in the cost of running the system. Failure to arrange an annual service for the appliance will invalidate the second year of the manufacturers guarantee. 20 /

8 or 12 Year Warranty Terms & Conditions WHAT ARISTON REQUIRES · The boiler must be registered with Ariston within 30 days from date of installation. Registration is on line at · The boiler must be installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions · The boiler must be installed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. · The installer must arrange for a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate to be issued to the boiler owner. · The Building Regulations Compliance Certificate is to be made available upon request by any attending Ariston service representative. · The Benchmark commissioning checklist, which can be found at the back of the Installation instructions, must be completed in full by the installer. · The completed Benchmark checklist must be left with the boiler or be made available upon request by any attending Ariston representative. · The boiler must be serviced by the 12 month anniversary of the installation. This must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. · Proof of annual service must be made available upon request by any attending Ariston representative. · The boiler must be installed on a clean system and corrosion inhibitors added. Fitting a magnetic filter is suggested. All of the above are standard procedures which a competent installer will be aware of. Failure to comply with any of the above will result in any warranty being withdrawn. CONDITIONS OF THE 8 or 12 YEAR WARRANTY • Ariston must be contacted immediately following any malfunction. Access must be granted for an Ariston approved engineer to inspect the appliance and it’s installation. We are unable to cover any costs under warranty where Ariston have not been contacted and allowed access to inspect the appliance and installation. Removal or repair of the appliance by any other party than Ariston without prior inspection or authorisation will void this warranty. • The 8 or 12 Year warranty is only applicable to appliances installed in the United Kingdom. • The following is not covered under the warranty: - Any external boiler controls (other than those supplied by Ariston), pipework and radiators - Loss or damage caused by using the boiler in a non-domestic or commercial environment. - Loss or damage caused by accident, theft, attempted theft, malicious damage or damage caused by fire or explosion. - Damage caused by any disaster affecting the equipment including neglect without limitation. - Clearing airlocks and partially or fully blocked pipes or work caused by equipment, which has not installed correctly. - Dirty systems/dirt particles degradation of the boiler from other parts of the system. - Claims arising from any problem with the supply of electricity, gas or water. - Consequential loss or damage arising directly or indirectly caused by the boiler not working. Cosmetic damage. - Costs arising from difficulties in getting to the boiler. This includes: pipe work under floor boards or pipe work contained in the fabric of the building. Ariston requires the warranty holder to carry out whatever works are necessary to enable Ariston staff or nominated representatives to gain access the boiler prior to arrival. - Any water pressure adjustments on sealed systems, Claims arising from scale damage. - Any modification, alteration to the boiler carried out without permission or authority from Ariston.