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Alteas ONE Net - User Manual

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USER’S MANUAL - THERMOREGULATION (AUTO FUNCTION) The AUTO function automatically sets the boiler operating regime in accordance with the installation type and the environmental conditions. The temperature adjustment of a building consists of maintaining the indoor temperature at a constant level while the temperature outside changes. Press the OK button. Press the programming key to select: - ON (activates the function) - OFF (deactivates the function) Press the OK button to save the settings; the display reverts to showing the previous screen. If the heating hot water temperature does not match the desired value, it can be increased or decreased using the set heating temperature parameter. The correction bar appears on the display. The “AUTO ” icon appears on the display. Press the ESC button to return to the main screen. 01/12/15 11:40 02° 40° 1,5 bar 70° AUTO C. Heating active AUTO Function active 18 /

USER’S MANUAL WIFI CONFIGURATION - CONNECTIVITY SETTING Access to the USER’S MENU Press the programming key to select: - Connectivity Settings Discover Ariston Net services! To activate the Remote Control of the boiler refer to the ARISTON NET quick start guide in the box. CH Settings DHW Settings Connectivity Settings Screen Settings Press the OK button. The dispaly shows the Connettivity Settings menu Press the OK button. Connectivity Settings Before proceeding, check that the Connectivity Service is available in your country OK Connectivity Settings ON/OFF Wi-Fi Network Note: Il sottomenu “Network configuration ” viene visualizzato solo la rete WI-FI è impostata su ON. OK Activation/Deactivation Wi-Fi Network of the system. Press the programming key to select: OK OK ON = “The Wifi network has been activated. In the case of first time activation, proceed to the Wifi Configuration by way of an Access Point.” OFF = “Wifi Network has been disabled” Network configuration OK The procedure permits to create Wifi Access Point to connect the system with the Internet network. OK Now, you have to connect your smartphone or PC to the Wifi “Remote GW Thermo” and open with your internet browser by going to the web page link: Connection to the local network accomplished. Configuration failed, please repeat the procedure. Serial Number OK The serial number that have to use for the registration of the product is: XXXXXXXXX Re-configuration OK Would you like to proceed and recover the data back to factory settings? Press the programming key WI-FI Signal Level OK Signal Level to select OFF or ON and press OK. XX% I Temp OK If you enable this functionality will be requested at the Internet Service. 0 OFF - 1 ON OK OK OK OK The display returns to the previous screen The display returns to the previous screen The display returns to the previous screen The display returns to the previous screen Press the programming key to select OFF or ON and press OK. / 19