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Alteas ONE Net - Installation Manual

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T B BUS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

T B BUS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 INSTALLATION WARNING! BEFORE PERFORMING ANY WORK ON THE BOILER, FIRST DISCONNECT IT FROM THE ELECTRICAL POWER SUPPLY USING THE EXTERNAL BIPOLAR SWITCH AND REMOVE THE FUSE. Peripheral unit connection To access peripheral unit connections carry out the following steps: - Disconnect the boiler from the power supply - Remove the casing - Rotate the control panel while pulling it forwards - Unhook the two clips to have access to the peripherical connections and the main P.C.B. Electrical connections For increased safety, ask a qualified technician to perform a thorough check of the electrical system. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by the lack of a suitable earthing system or by the malfunctioning of the electricity mains supply. Make sure that the system is able to withstand the maximum power absorbed by the boiler (this is indicated on the appliance data plate). Check that the section of the wires is suitable and is not less 0,75 mm 2 The appliance must be connected to an effiecient earthing system if it is to operate correctly. The power supply cable must be connected to a 230V-50Hz network, where the L-N poles and the earth connection are all respected. Important! In the event that the power supply cable must be changed, replace it with one with the same specifications. N L 60 mm SWHV06 TA2 SE TNK SOL TA1 Power supply cable Important! The appliance is supplied with a fly-lead already connected, this must be connected to a 240V supply fused at 3 Amp and must facilitate completed electrical isolation of the appliance, by use of a fused double pole isolator having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles or alternatively by means of a 3A fused three pin plug and unswitched shuttered socket outlet both complying with BS1363. The use of multiplugs, extension leads or adaptors is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden to use the piping from the hydraulic, heating and gas systems for the appliance earthing connection. The boiler is not protected against the effects caused by lightning. If the mains fuses need to be replaced, use 2A rapid fuses. Peripheral connections: BUS = Remote control connection FLOOR/TA2 = the underfloor heating thermostat or the room thermostat 2 (selected via parameter 223) SE = the external sensor. SOL = Solar temperature probe TA1 = the room thermostat 1 SENSYS Remote Control (option) CUBE S NET (standard for CLAS NET ONE) WiFi Room Thermostat OK Outdoor Sensor Room Thermostat1 (option) T B FLOOR BUS TA2 SE TNK SOL TA1 CN1 24 /

INSTALLATION Cube Room sensor (wireless) Connection To connect a room thermostat, read the instructions present in the kit delivered with the gas boiler. DO NOT CONNECT 240V TO ANY PERIPHERAL CONNECTIONS Room Thermostat / Remote Clock Connection To connect a room thermostat, it is necessary to: 1. Open the control panel 2. Loosen the cable clamp using a screwdriver and insert the wires leading from the room thermostat 3. Connect the wires to the terminals as indicated in the figure below, removing the link 4. If a remote time clock is to be fitted, using a volt free switching time clock connect the switching wires from the time clock following points 1 - 3 above 5. If using an external time clock and room thermostat, these must be connected in series as shown in diagram C, 6. Ensure that they are well connected and not subject to stress when the control panel is closed DO NOT CONNECT 240V TO ANY PERIPHERAL CONNECTIONS Connector TA on PCB (low voltage switching) Connector TA on PCB (low voltage switching) Connector TA on PCB (low voltage switching) / 25